The Summer I Turned Pretty By Jenny Han

4.2/5- This book is really touching and I found myself constantly thinking about it. Belly is about to spend her last summer at cousin beach before everyone gets too busy to go there any more. She has been going to that beach ever since she was born for the summer. But what happens when the people in her life are being threaten to be taken away from her? And that love really doesn’t change?

What I don’t like about this book is that it really bored me in the beginning and the storyline was just like all of the others. I also hated how there was the ‘I have to choose between these two brothers’ type of feeling to this book. 

What I like about this is book is the ending. I never would have thought that Jenny Han would have put such a punch of an ending and then wrap it around into something special. I am dying to read the second book in this series by Jenny Han and see what happens. 

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