Suicide Notes By Michael Thomas Ford


4.85/5  Alright, first of all, why isn’t this a series of sarcastic teens that figure out that they really do need help?! I promise you Mr. Ford you would have a killer series and a killer audience!

15 year-old Jeff wakes up at a psychiatric ward and doesn’t know why. This place is for the crazies and he is very certain that he isn’t crazy. Even with his wrist bandaged up, and he’s been asleep for 2 days. When he gets out of his room, he meets Sadie, Alice, Bone, and Juliet. Even after weeks of group, and meds that prove him wrong, he still believes that he ins’t crazy. So what’s up with the bandages?

What I don’t like about this book is that it’s so freaking SHORT! If only Michael Ford  made this longer, made the treatment longer it would have made me a lot happier. I also didn’t like how he vaguely explained Jeff’s story. I thought he could have been even more specific with that and make it more heartfelt because for that I only felt a tiny bit of sympathy for Jeff.

There are just too many things that I love about this book. First off all, despite the name, this story made me laugh more than cry. On about every page I burst out laughing, or started flipping out at whatever it is that Jeff says. I love how Michael Ford made a story that was supposed to be so sad and depressing (when you look at the title only). And then turned around like he was playing a joke on his readers and made it one of my favourite books because I honestly could not stop laughing. Michael Ford is for sure an author for teen readers to look out for.

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