Peak By Ronald Smith

4.87/5 I’m so glad that my sister bought this for me for my birthday! I never knew I could get so worked up and…absorbed by this book! This book made me shudder, flip out, burst out laughing, and get so furious with people in China (more importantly, the soldiers that are rude and evil to people in Tibet).

15 year old Peak is stupid. And he knows that while climbing the side of a New York Skyscraper. A SWAT team has to come and get him down. Instead of him getting put in Juvenile detention for dangering the lives of many people, he is sent off to live with his father. The source of Peak’s climbing addiction. His father is now one of the camps that gets people on the top of Mount Everest. Peak really shouldn’t climb it but he has to climb some of it to meet his father, and what turns into a forced time for Peak to finally meet his dad and know who he is. It’s more time of climbing and learning about why he loves to prove people wrong.

What I didn’t like about this book is that it was pretty short. I would have thought Ronald Smith would have made it a bit longer, and put more details about Peak himself.

I love love love how much of a smartass and dumbass Peak is in this story. I also love how real this story is about how Tibetans are prisoners in their own country because of the Chinese soldiers. This story was so realistic about how much Peak hated his dad but still forgave him because he’s the only dad Peak has. I will definitely read another book like this one by Ronald Smith just because I love stupid, sarcastic boys. 

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