White Cat By Holly Black

4.7/5 This book is amazing. I absolutely loved how Holly Black wrote this book. White Cat is about a seventeen year old guy named Cassel Sharpe. In this series, curse workers are people that are usually working with crime families and make normal people nervous to be around. Since no one can be sure who is a curse worker and who isn’t, everyone is forced to wear gloves all day and all night.

Cassel comes from a very long line of grifters and curse workers. His family is very good friends with one of the biggest crime families in New jersey- the Zacharov’s. But, he decided to run away from the crime life because of the murder of his best friend Lila Zacharov three years ago. He killed her.

Cassel believes that he is the black sheep in his family because he doesn’t have a curse. When he leaves his old life behinds, he goes to a very private, very rich boarding school called Wallingford where he starts having strange dreams about a small white cat. When he almost dies because of one of the dreams he decides to ask his family for answers. But is he really ready to hear them?

What I didn’t like about this book is that it was a bit rushed in the middle and how easily he trusted people I thought would have taken a much longer time for him to trust.

What I love about this book is how huge his mouth is, and his love towards Lila even after all that time. I love how committed he is and how he does the stupidest things to get what he wants. This book is just amazing. Good job, Holly Black.

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