Sinners Never Sleep By You Me At Six

4.6/5 You Me AT Six have done it again! I can’t believe they can make amazing music, be an actual band, be British, and not be all about their image!

You Me At Six  is a British rock band from Weybridge, Surrey. They formed in 2004 and have been playing music for over 6 years now. They have 3 albums-Take off your colours, hold me down, and sinners never sleep. They also have won many awards and have a lot of EPs out for sale. The band members are-Josh Franceschi  (lead vocals), Max Helyer (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Chris Miller (lead guitar), Matt Barnes (bass guitar) ,Dan Flint (drums, percussion).

What I don’t like about this album is (even though I still love it) that all of the songs sort of sound…the same. Same beat, and same strings and chords with only different lyrics.

What I like about this is that they focused more on the music than on their image like other ‘bands’. I like how ‘When We Were Younger’ is smooth and soothing unlike the rest of the album and I can play it on repeat without even realizing it. The best part about this album in my opinion, is the lyrics. The lyrics are original, they speak the truth, and they are shockingly easy for their audience to relate to. I would also recommend this to music lovers who love british bands that are all about the music and and all about the different types of relationships that are out there. To me, this album is about growing up and dealing with the tough shit that sucks. And believing that if you ‘save someone’ that they can ‘save you too’.

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