Mutt ( book #1 in Rittenhouse saga) by Evan Fuller

4/5- When I first started reading I was thinking it was going to be a story similar to other dystopians that I’ve read. Luckily, the only thing they had in common were there had different kinds of people.

(Summary from Amazon)

Centuries after most of humanity died out, a new civilization is slowly constructed upon the remnants of the old. 

Emery, a young man living in the walled city of Rittenhouse, has taken it upon himself to rescue “mutts,” as the citizens of Rittenhouse call the impoverished masses outside. When Timothy, a boy afflicted with a fatal illness, seeks Emery’s help, the two embark on a deadly errand to secure the medicine Timothy needs. This mission takes them from the safety of Rittenhouse into the wasteland outside it, where ancient superstitions are reborn and humanity struggles to survive amidst the ruins of a fallen American metropolis.

(My Opinion)

First of all, I would like to thank Evan Fuller for giving me a copy of his book to review!

The plot for Mutt was well thought out and the characters were original and creative with a hint of good humour. Even though I didn’t like some things in this book, I still really enjoyed it. This book made me laugh at the awkward jokes and pulled at my heartstrings at the end. The ending was beautifully written.

The different kinds of purebloods in Rittenhouse were interesting and I liked that Evan Fuller put it in. What I wished he had done was added more description about the different types. I am still curious about the people who are Vorteil . The relationship between Emery and Lydia was a weird one. It wasn’t weird because they had a few obstacles but it was weird because to me, the relationship felt odd and unnatural. It felt like Evan Fuller put it in just for the sake of having it there. Sometimes a story needs romance, but other times, stories don’t. I think that this story would have been just as good without it.

What I loved about the book was the writing style, the way that most of the words flowed together and how Evan Fuller easily put words that were difficult into the text instead of just using ‘easy’ words. My favourite character throughout the book was Timothy because to me, he showed the most courage. Timothy was so ready to do things that he didn’t want to do and things that he was willing to do. Even though  Timothy was my favourite, I still loved the other characters as well. Evan Fuller really got his message across with this tale about how kindness will always help you when you truly need someone or something. Evan Fuller gave a lot of examples of kindness shared between the characters and how it benefitted them somehow in the end. Mutt by Evan Fuller is a great read for anyone who enjoys dystopian stories with adventure, danger, and being forced to trust people who you despise. I can only wonder when his next book will be coming out. 

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