Song Of The Day#1-I’ll Bite You By Lydia

I’ve been obsessed with this song for the past two weeks to be honest. I’ll Bite you By Lydia is off of their fourth album, Paint It Golden. The rhythm is amazing and the tune is so mellow that I forget that I’ve been listening to the song on repeat for the last hour. This song is amazing if you are high on drugs or low on life. All around great with very catchy lyrics, it also doesn’t hurt that they’re one of my favourite bands.

I’ll Bite You By Lydia is about having a good time and figuring out secrets that your loved one has been hiding. It’s also about falling in love with someone who has a beautiful voice.

My Favourite Part Is:

Well I guess I never planned it
Really never could stand it
But you’re looking quite nice
Wrapped up in that moonlight
So I’ll say that we disappeared
Yeah, somewhere near
And become whoever the hell we want to
No I’ll never judge you, fuck that

You can listen to I’ll Bite You By Lydia Here.

Lyrics are Here.

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