Song Of The Day#6-Bear Feet By Elliot The Bull

Elliot The Bull is the band Matthew Hyland is in. They are an Australian band that play indie/ rock music. They have another EP out that you can buy.

This song is about helping those in need and how it’ll benefit us when we need help. The last verse is amazing in my opinion because once I read it, I got goose bumps because it’s so true! Everywhere I look, I see people walk right by an elderly person who is carrying groceries without giving them a second glance. I always try to help people even if it means that I’m going to be late for something. Do you?

My favourite part is:

As I left my voice was shaking and nothing was as it seemed
I hear my phone ringing, it wakes me from my dream
It was just a dream about humanity
Help a stranger cross the street
Give him shoes to bear his feet
On your final day do you think you’ll say
That you helped someone in need or was your life controlled by greed?

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.

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