Song Of The Day#8-Barely Love You Too By Frank+Derol

There is a place I love to go to where all the music is fresh and amazing. Its far away from everything related to the stupid shit that they play on the radio every second of every day. Am I the only one who’s getting tired of that? I really hope not.

Believe it or not, one of the lead singers in this duo is none-other than Miley Cyrus’ sister, Brandi. This Los Angeles duo came out with this song recently.

Barely Love You Too By Frank+Derol  is a very catchy song that is easy to sing along to. The lyrics are about loving someone that doesn’t really deserve it or want your love. Also about feeling like you’re going insane because of that person because they suck. Its a great song to sing if you’re going through a heartbreak or something else that really made you barely love that person. I immediately fell in love with this song and its fast pace and easy lyrics to sing along to.

My favourite part is:

Take a chance, if you dare
Make it easier for to me to meet you there
And even if this road ends up at nowhere
Make it count for now, make it count for now
Stop these games, you got me feeling like I’m so insane

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.

Lyrics are Here.

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