Song Of The Day#11-Death And All His Friends By Jesse Denaro

Can I actually say that it was fate that made me not be a lazy ass and search this song on youtube because Bandcamp wasn’t working for me? Because that is how I found this beautiful song. Just go buy it. Just go, its cheap beg your parents or whoever and buy this song/album because its great. I also really like ‘Better Now’.

Jesse Denaro is an Indie/Acoustic artist from Orange County, NY. He has two EPs out, Speed Of Light and All My Friends Are Dead. He’s been playing music since he was in middle school (when he learned how to play the guitar). Jesse Denaro will be touring this winter nation-wide so go buy tickets and listen to him because he’s amazing.

Death And All His Friends is a song that is about finding romance when you think you’ve truly given up. It’s about trusting people and living for the people who care about you and not letting Death come and take you away. This song is so sad which to me, makes it even better because this song is so heartfelt and just…perfect. His voice reminds of Jason Lancaster from Go Radio (and recently from Mayday Parade) which is great because I love Jason Lancaster. I think they should a song together becuase it would be like the indie world and the punk world colliding which would be fucking awesome.

My favourite part is:

I hear death and his friends
They’re knocking, they’re knocking
And I wont let them in tonight (x3)
I’m like a soldier with sin
I’m fighting, I’m fighting
For my God fearing life tonight

you can listen to Death And All His Friends Here. 

You can buy the song and/or read the lyrics Here.

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