Song Of The Day#12-Lonely Days By You And All Your Friends

This song makes me laugh a lot because even though the chords and progression is really good, the singing isn’t (in my opinion). But I think that’s why I can’t stop playing this song on repeat on my Ipod.

You And All Your Friends is a one-man-band from Australia. His name is Dean Strike and he makes me laugh.

Lonely Days by You And All Your Friends is about being depressed and hoping for things to change because its summer. But nothing actually does changes other than the weather. I love this part of the song because he knows he can’t sing but he doesn’t care. And that takes a lot of guts to do for someone who’s in a shitty mood most of the time.

My favourite part is:

And I hope that no one can hear this from outside,
because my singing probably sucks.
But I dont mind.

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