Song Of The Day#14-Mr. Big Shot By Anarbor

I was searching for music by The Maine on YouTube and that brought me to We Are The In Crowd which led me to Anarbor. Honestly, the first time I heard one of their songs, I thought they wouldn’t be a band I would like. And then I heard this song and I was just like “Nevermind. I love them, they’re great. Make more music so I can buy it.” It also didn’t hurt that I found one of the members really cute. I bought Mr. Big shot and Useless by Ananbor on Itunes. Lucky for you, you can get them for free.

Anarbor is an American alternative rock band from Phoenix, Arizona that was formed in 2003. They got signed to Hopeless Records while still in high school. They were known as ‘Troop 101’ but thankfully changed their name to Anarbor. Mr. Big Shot is off of their third album, The Words You Don’t Swallow which came out in 2010.

Mr. Big Shot is a song about proving someone wrong while making them look like a fool. This song is fast-paced and really catchy. I love dancing to it and singing along because it’s just that good. It’s also about kicking ass and showing that you’re awesome and that person is ‘just a baby.’

My favourite part is:

Someday, you’ll come knockin’ on my door.
And I’ll leave you lonely,
I don’t want you anymore.
My bones are stronger than before.
So don’t come ’round my way,
I’ll kick your ass right out the door.
I’ll kick your ass right out the door.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.  (you’ll have to scroll down fr it though. Gypsy woman is really good too! Useless is my favourite but its a slow song.)

Lyrics are Here.

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