Song Of The Day#17-Plague By Seahaven

To be honest, I just like the beginning of this song. Don’t get me wrong, the whole song is really good but the beginning is the best part of this song for me. I love having friends who know what great music is.

Seahaven began in 2009 as four friends in Southern California who shared a passion for the post-punk and indie sensibilities. The band is from Torrance, California and is made up of James Phillips, Kyle Chadwick, Eric Findlay, and Michael Craver. Plague is off of their first EP, Ghost.

Plague by Seahaven is a song about being a prisoner inside yourself and needing help to set yourself free. It’s about having to decide who you are while there’s a war going on inside you that is brilliantly showing death and pain.

My favourite part is:

Satan sleeps inside my brain
And when he wakes he takes me far away.
He takes me to this place,
That I completely hate,
Where I’m a prisoner in my own body.

You can listen to Plague by Seahevn Here.

Lyrics are Here.

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