Song Of The Day#21-Stars By The Swellers



This is a SLOW song. I think I love it a lot more than I should because they played this song live while touring with You Me At Six. Also because the lead singer, Nick Diener lost his voice during or shortly after they finished their set. It was so cute (I have no idea why) because while he was taking pictures and everything, you could tell he wanted to speak to us but he couldn’t so he just nodded his head and smiled a lot. The other band members were so cool, laughing with my friends and I while taking pictures and signing everything. They are such a great band.

The Swellers  is an American punk band from Flint, Michigan. Their music draws influence from melodic punk rock bands as well as alternative and indie rock from the 90s. Formed in 2002, they have three full length albums, one Ep, and have been on three different collaborating albums. Stars is off of their second album, Ups And Downsizing.

Stars by The Swellers is a song about getting over a past lover where it didn’t work out. And how this song was like the final goodbye that you really couldn’t say to that person. It’s about living with the scars and getting over the past.

My favourite part is:

I’ll be okay
‘Cause I’ve got the stars
And you said you’ve been free for some time
And you prove it with the scars

This one’s for you
Yeah, this one’s for you
If I’m lost before you hear all of this

you can listen to Stars By The Swellers Here.

Lyrics are Here.

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