Song Of The Day#22-Islands In The Sea By Futures

I was looking for a song by a different band (Twin Atlantic) and this song popped up. Oh man, they are really good. I always seem to stumble upon great bands. Plus, you have to listen to a band with a lead singer named, Ant.

Futures is a rock band from Buckinghamshire, England. They are a four-guy band that formed in 2009. Right off the bat, Futures have had a widespread of popularity and were signed to major label, Mercury Records. They are now signed to a self-made label called, Indigo. Currently, they have a mini album (The Holiday) and a full length album (The Karma Album).

Islands In The Sea By Futures is a moving song about love and about how great the good old days. It’s about how those days are far away (like an island). It’s a easy-paced song that you can listen to when you’re not in the mood to jam out, or too upset about something. This song is for the times in between.

My favourite part is:

We got locked away,
on an island in the sea,
a place where we can dream about the good old days.

But we’re almost home,
to a place where I can see,
where we can find our feet and all we see is gold.


You can listen to Islands In The Sea By Futures Here.

You can get a FREE and  LEGAL download Here.

Lyrics are Here.

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