Song Of The Day#24-Seatbelt Hands By Listener

This isn’t a typical song. It’s not like the other songs that I have blogged about, this song is so different and so good its…amazing. First of all, this song is a ‘spoken words’ song. Dan Smith’s voice is imperfect and sounds like he’s kinda insane but I think that’s what makes this song so perfect and hauntingly good.

Listener  is an experimental spoken word band that started in 2002 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Listener is composed of Dan Smith as both vocalist and lyricist and Christin Nelson as composer. They have five full length albums out so far. This song is off of their fourth album, Wooden Heart.

Seatbelt Hands is probably my favourite song by Listener. It’s a song about a woman who gets pushed around and beat up all of her life. How she’s fighting with her demons while wishing on something so far away but keeping her faith.

My favourite part is:

she stands there unlit cigarette in hand
filling up that empty hole with anything that’ll pour
insides hanging out like a flare, gun, warning.
there’s beauty in that pain, can you see it?
she’s crashing through life with seat belt hands
one accident away from a miracle
and there’s an honesty there, but I can’t take it all in

You can listen to Seatbelt Hands by Listener Here.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.

You can get a

Lyrics are Here.

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