Song Of The Day#27-Yellow Brick Road By Raine Maida

Not all music played on the radio is shitty, boring, or overrated. They played this song on my local radio station and I got chills because it hit close to home with his fun lyrics and fun tune. I honestly didn’t know Raine Maida is also the lead singer for Our Lady Peace. Just another reason to like him since they’re an awesome band.

Raine Maida  is a Canadian musician best known as being the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the alternative rock band Our Lady Peace.  solo career in 2006, releasing his first solo album The Hunters Lullaby in 2007. He also self-produced Our Lady Peace’s seventh studio album, Burn Burn, in 2009. As a solo-artist, he has one album called, The Hunter’s Lullaby and one EP called, Love Hope Hero. Yellow Brick Road is off of his first Album.

Yellow Brick Road is a song about the good old times about not giving a shit and how you wished you could go back there. It’s as easy as following the yellow brick road back to the good stuff.

My favourite part is:

I remember the days when we talked for hours
And we were young, we thought we had superpowers
We weren’t our problems, our age or our paychecks
And we weren’t taking anybody’s shit

You can listen to Yellow Brick Road by Raine Maida Here.

Lyrics are here.

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