Song Of The Day#28-Make A Beast Of Myself By Twin Atlantic

I first listened to Twin Atlantic while playing their song Human After All on Tap Tap revenge 3. I liked that song so much that I bought it the next day on Itunes. When I went to see You Me At Six and The Swellers live, We Are The Ocean and Twin Atlantic were opening for them. Sam was just funny and got the crowd really hyped. I instantly fell in love with Make A Beast Of Myself and Free. This version of Make A Beast Of Myself is a live one.

Twin Atlantic is a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They are a four-man band that have been playing music since 2007. They have two albums-Vivarium and Free and three EPs- Where IS Light? Where Is Laughter?, Human After All, and Time For You To Stand Up. Make A Beast Of Myself is off of their second album, Free.

Make A Beast Of Myself is a song about being embarrassed in front of a crowed and trying to laugh it off but failing miserably.

My favourite part is:

I wanted to laugh it off
And I want to forget that I got caught
And I wanted to laugh it off
Make a beast of myself just to kill them all

You can listen to Make A Beast Of Myself here.


You can get a FREE and  LEGAL download Here.

Lyrics are here.

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