Song Of The Day#30-Running To The Moon By We Are One

Now a days, I’ve been piling free downloads that bands have been giving out without actually listening to the band onto my Ipod. I usually just hope for the best and that I will hopefully like at least one of their songs. Sadly, sometimes I don’t. We Are One is weird because there are just so many instruments in the band and the songs are sometimes too fast to actually keep up with. But, I like We Are One, let’s just leave it at that.

We Are One is a female fronted band from Miami, Florida. They formed in July of 2010. Their eclectic sound is best described as Indie Pop Rock with a jazz influence. They are a seven person band with two members playing sax and keyboards.

Running To The Moon is a song about running away from a life you don’t want anymore. Running away as far as you can to put as much space between you and that person. I love that its insanely fast with the sax just rocking out while still fitting in perfectly with this song. I think the jazzy part of this song was what made me not skip this song. It makes this band different from most.

My favourite part is:

Why don’t you just shut up and reject me?
I’m not as fragile as you think
But still your game is never ending
That’s why I’m running

You can listen to Running To The Moon  here. (as well as a free download)

Lyrics are here.

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