Song Of The Day#33-Dancing With The Dead By The Eternal Affect

T.E.A. (The Eternal Affect) followed me on twitter. They have this cool dark look to them which lead to me to checking them out. I couldn’t a song by them anywhere on their Facebook page so I decided to take check on YouTube. Luckily, Nikos Klimentos posted some demos on YouTube which I love.

T.E.A. is a rock band from Orlando, Florida that was formed in 2008. their first album, In Balance With This Life, This Death will be out this fall. Dancing With The Dead will be on their first album.

My favourite part is:Dancing With The Dead is a song about finding the person who will change your life forever. this song is chillingly good. All three vocalists are amazing and I easily adore their voices.

My favourite part is:

I once was walking amongst the fallen

I was dancing

with the dead men

I was hopeless

I was broken

Until I found you


You can listen to Dancing with the dead with lyrics on-screen by TEA here.




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