Song Of The Day#39-Mess I Made By Parachute

This is so cute and sad! Incredibly adorable and has been stuck in my head all long weekend (I’m Canadian!). I hope they’re coming out with a new album very soon. Also, if you are a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan (Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games) She’s in the music video! The link is below.

Parachute  is an American pop/rock band from Charlottesville, Virginia. They are a five-man band and currently have two albums out. Mess I Made is off of their first album, Losing Sleep.

Mess I Made is a song about looking around at the mess you’ve made. About how much you messed up a relationship that actually meant a lot to you but now is gone.

My favourite part is:

And it’s falling down, as you walk away

And it’s on me now, as you go
But oh, I’m staring at the mess I made

I’m staring at the mess I made

I’m staring at the mess I made

As you turn, you take your heart and walk away

You can listen to Mess I Made here.

Lyrics are here.

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