Team Human By Justine Larabalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan

Team Human

By: Justine Larabalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan

Publisher: HarperTeen (Harpercollins)

Genre: Fantasy and young adult

Release Date: July 3 2012

Pages: 352

Just because Mel lives in New Whitby, a city founded by vampires, doesn’t mean she knows any of the blood-drinking undead personally. They stay in their part of town; she says in hers. Until the day a vampire shows up at her high school. Worse yet, her best friend, Cathy, seems to be falling in love with him. It’s up to Mel to save Cathy from a mistake she might regret for all eternity!

On top of trying to help Cathy (whether she wants it or not), Mel is investigating a mysterious disappearance for another friend and discovering the attractions of a certain vampire wannabe. Combine all this with a cranky vampire cop, a number of unlikely romantic entanglements, and the occasional zombie, and soon Mel is hip-deep in an adventure that is equal parts hilarious and touching.

(My Opinion)

Team Human is told from the perspective of Mel. We learn a reasonable amount about her life and how much she hates vampires. I have to say that I thought this book was going to turn out completely different from what it actually is. Vampire stories have been popular for quite a while now, so I thought this one was going to be the same as the others. It’s different because instead of Mel liking the vampire, it’s her best friend, Cathy who actually likes him. There was a lot of repetition of how much Mel hates vampires in the story and it got pretty annoying. The characters are funny and easy to read about. I loved Mel’s sense of humour even though I didn’t like her motives of keeping Cathy away from her boyfriend.

Usually, best friend are very supportive of each other and try to help one another. I didn’t like Mel’s intentions in the story because it’s harsh and is sending out a pretty mean message–You can only date people your best friend approves of. I wished the authors chose a different idea because this one agitated me a lot. I also didn’t like that Mel acted like a spoiled brat for most of the book. She’s very hot-headed, angry, and loves to yell.

Team Human is a light-hearted read (for the most part). I finished it in a day because I found both Kit and Mel hilarious. I really enjoyed the writing style for this book because it’s smooth and organized. Also, I liked that Mel is Asian! There aren’t many fantasy stories where the main character doesn’t have, “deathly pale skin.”

Overall, a pretty good read. I would recommend it to people who enjoy vampire books and are looking for an unexpected ending.

 3.5 Dreamy Clouds

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