Updating my blog

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve changed up my blog a bit! I thought a new theme with a side bar was needed so that I could tell you all what I’m reading and listening to. I’ve also changed up the way I write my reviews (so far I’ve only done book reviews but I will be posting albums really soon!) and I’m liking it a lot.

Now, my reviews have a white section for the summary of the book/about the band and the grey part is my review I have put my rating at the bottom of the review instead of at the top. I have added the publisher, release date, genre, and page/song count in my reviews to let readers (you guys) know if you want to read a long/short book/album and if you’re interested in that genre of books/albums. Or even the publisher.

Like I said before, I moved my rating to the ending of the review and removed my little thought out of the whole review. I might bring that back but it would be in the far future. Maybe.

On to my rating systems! I wanted to make two completely different rating systems to help out people who are only interested in either books or music.

For Books my rating system are clouds. I do use halves because I try to make my book ratings as accurate as I possibly can. If you’re checking out one of my older reviews, make sure to check out my Rating Systems Page  to see how many clouds I would give it.

For Music my rating system are treble clefs! I don’t use halves for rating albums because it would be too hard to cut the clefs in half. If I feel it is most appropriate to give a review a half then I will do so but not otherwise.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you like the changes that I’ve made. My reviews are still mostly the same with me telling you all a mini review and then what I don’t like followed by what I do like.

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