Song Of The Day#42-Venice By The Lighthouse And The Whaler

I think all music should sound like this. Listening to Venice by The Lighthouse and The Whaler feels like I’m running through my city with a kite beside someone I love. It’s that easy-going and such a sweet love song that I think will make everyone fall in love with.

The Lighthouse And The Whaler are a indie-pop four-man band from Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, they have released two albums and one EP. Venice is off of their second album, This Is An Adventure.

Venice is a song about love. Falling in love and how amazing it is. Death is certain but love isn’t which, I think, is the beauty about falling in love. The insane rush of the unknown.

My favourite part is:

And death is cold, death is sure
Why don’t we all fall in love?
Oh, whoa, oh oh
Why don’t we fall in love?
Oh, whoa, oh oh
Why don’t we fall in love?

You can listen to Venice and get a free download here.

Lyrics are here.

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