Song Of The Day#44-Shove By The Feather Sound

The whole point of music is for it to move you. You’re supposed to feel something that gives you goosebumps because you understand the words the singer is singing more than you understand what the fuck is happening with your life. Shove by The Feather Sound moves me and puts a wacky smile on my face. Even though the song is kind of sad, it’s a good sad like Mayday Parade or The Wonder Years. I have very high hopes for The Feather Sound now.

The Feather Sound is a female-fronted pop/rock band from Chicago, Illinois. They formed in 2012. Currently, they have two singles released.

My favourite part is:

I said as you stood with your arms out wide

please, don’t go.

wait, wait, wait,

please don’t go away

wait, wait, wait,

I need you to stay.

You can listen to shove and get a free download here.

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