Song Of The Day#45-Cherry Tree By Big Jet Plane

This song is just too epic. Gives me the chills every time I listen to it with the beautiful lyrics and slow melody. Cherry Tree sounds like it’s playing in one of those romantic scenes in a movie. Like in “A Cinderella story” or “The Princess Diaries” when the two characters finally kiss.

Big Jet Plane is an indie/pop duo from Bergen County, NJ. Their first EP will be out some time this fall.

Cherry Tree is that romantic song that you hear playing in the background of romantic comedies. It’s a song about going after the one you love and hoping that they’ll meet you at the place that meant the world to the both of you. In this song, that place is a cherry tree.

My favourite part is:

I’m underneath the Cherry Tree
You’re walking down the city streets
But darling when I’m thinking of you are you thinking of me
And all that we used to be?

You can listen to Cherry Tree here.

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