Room To Run By States

Room To Run By States

Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records

Genre: Pop/Rock

Release Date: June 19, 2012

Songs: 17

Room to Run - States

States is a female-fronted rock band from the US that formed in 2010. Two bands breaking up started the formation of States (Lydia and Copeland) which the band puts that they were “blessed with perfect timing.” The band consists of  Mindy White (Vocals), Stephen Laurenson (bass), Bryan Laurenson (Guitar), Jonathan Bucklew (Drums), Dean Lorenz (Guitar). Currently, the band has one EP called: Line ‘Em Up and one album called: Room To Run.

Songs On The Album (click the titles to listen to them!)

1. Timebomb-3:19

2. Captivating me-3:18

3. Right Or Not-3:39

4. Everlasting-3:27

5. Versus The Mirror-3:37

6. As Good As It Gets-3:54

7. Can’t Explain-3:53

8. Generation-3:20

9. Waiting (For Too Long)-3:41

10. Follow It Home-4:14

11. Time To Begin (acoustic)-3:35

12. Another Chapter (acoustic)-3:40

13. Follow It Home (demo)-3:54*

14. As Good As It Gets (Rollerskate Remix)-3:56*

15. Waiting (For Too Long) [Demo]-3:59*

16. The Wrong One-4:12*

17. Brighter Lights-3:40

*Please note that this song couldn’t be found on YouTube. Sorry.

(My Opinion)

Sung in a beautiful melodic voice by Mindy White. The idea for this album is something laid-back and catchy with meaningful lyrics. Which is exactly what they achieve with this. Even though a couple of songs are a little too repetitive and ‘hipster’ for me like Time To Begin Room To Run is definitely an album to buy.

In songs like Time Bomb and  I feel like the bass gets lost in comparison to the guitars and percussions. There isn’t very many solos (if there even is any) which I think they could have put in somewhere, even if it’s at the beginning of a song. On this whole album, the two songs that I dislike are Generation and Time To Begin. Generation is too poppy and sounds a lot different from most of their other songs. Also, the vocalist’s voice is too high for the up-beat song. I wish she sang it in a lower key to match the speed of the song.

One of my favourite things about this album is that this album isn’t directed towards one type of music lovers, there are a few different types of music lovers that will love too. Songs like, Can’t Explain, Time Bomb, and Everlasting are edgier, and directed towards more of a punk rock audience. Pop and indie lovers will enjoy songs like, Captivating Me, Brighter Lights, and Generation. The two guitarists are amazing with trying to keep the harmony with the vocals in time while making the rhythm different and the song structure different . I also love the meaningful lyrics that are about trying your hardest and not giving up that Versus The Mirror and Right Or Not are all about.

Overall, States’s first album is amazing and I, for one, will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of their second album. I recommend this album to pop-rock fans as well as indie lovers. Also if you like bands like Lydia, Paramore, Tonight Alive, We Are One, and Sons. Currently, I am in love with four songs off of this album- Versus The Mirror, Can’t Explain, Follow It Home, and Brighter Lights.

 4 Sexy Treble Clefs

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