Song Of The Day#48-Couldn’t See It By PK Fire


I love discovering new bands. It’s one of the great reasons why I started blogging I guess. PK Fire is a band I’m looking forward to hearing new music from in the near future. Their music reminds me a bit of Dance Gavin Dance as well as Anabor.

PK Fire is a band from Canton, Michigan that started as two best friends playing folk music in their basement. PK Fire is now five best friends playing rock music in other people’s basements. Sorry, We Tried is their third EP.

Couldn’t See It is a song about a relationship that’s going south.

my favourite part is:

I see you
All over campus and I
Just freak out
I really wish I could die

Listen closely ’cause I know this sounds
Like it’s ending could you please calm down
I just want you to stand up straight and be okay, please be okay!

You Can listen to couldn’t See It and get a free download here.

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