Favourite Book Quotes Of The Week#11


A list of my favourite quotes from books during the week.

Out Of Reach by Carrie Arcos

13482565 Favourite Quotes:

1. The truth is? Everyone lies. Every single person.

2. Safe places exist only where people aren’t.

3. Words stick, even when we don’t want them to.

4. The funny thing about a lie is that once it has been said and believed, it lives and becomes. It can’t be taken back. It sucks all the air from you until you give up and it takes over and you forget how to breathe on your own.

5. “people usually do something to have someone come after them.”

Josie Griffin is NOT a Vampire by Heather Swain

13501564 Favourite Quote: And There goes the world’s wimpiest vampire.

Dead Run by Sean Rodman

14372479Favourite Quote: “Sam, you always have a choice. Always.”

Chasing The Skip by Janci Patterson

13513650Favourite Quotes:

1. “In life sometimes other people are going to give you shit. But when they do, you just make shit balls and toss them right back.”

2. “Maybe that’s not enough. Maybe people need you to be more involved in their lives.”

3. In the end, we all screwed over the people we loved.

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