Favourite Book Quotes Of The Week#12



A list of my favourite book quotes from the books that I’ve read during the past week.

The You Were Gone By Lauren Strasnick

13515233 Favourite Quotes:

1. “Why Commit to someone you’re not interested in being committed to?”

2. Is this love? Shouldn’t I feel happy or high or both?

The Selection By Kiera Cass

10507293 Favourite Quotes:

1. “But no matter what, I want you to be loved. You deserve to be loved. And I hope you get to marry for love and not a number.”

2. “True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.”

3. But you don’t love someone for almost two years and then turn it off overnight.

Confessions Of An Angry Girl By  Louise Rozett

13515025 Favourite Book Quotes:

1. “It’s better not to be beautiful, because then you have nothing to lose.”

2. If you like someone and they like you back, shouldn’t you just be able to go out with them?

3. Bad things happen whether you’re scared or not, so you might as well not bother being scared. It’s a waste of time.


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