Song Of The Day#51-Stranger By Chris August


This song is just the cutest! I can’t get enough of it! For the past few days, this song has been one of the few songs I have kept listening to on repeat. This song isn’t deep with intense meaning, it’s a long song that is bubbly and a fun song to listen to.

To be honest, I have no clue who Chris August is since I can’t even find this song on iTunes and Amazon will not let me buy it. What I do know is that this song is off of the album, What you’re looking for.  Sorry but you should still listen to this song!

My favourite part is:

so hello there
how are you? amazing
it is nice to finally meet you
I’ve been patently waiting
been waitin’ just to see you
to tell you I dreamt you
now I found you so call off that search
cause I found my stranger (oh)

stranger ’til they call your name
it’s amazing
it’s just a simple thing (yeah)
I see you walking
but don’t you walk too far (no)
I may be nervous
I wanna be where you are (yeah baby)

you can listen to Stranger by Chris August here.  as well as lyrics.

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