Song Of The Day#57-Animal By Miike Snow


I know what you’re thinking. Is this that amazing song called Animal by that super retro sound band? No. It is not Animal by Neon Trees. Like that song, this one is good too but in its own unique way.

Mike Snow is a Swedish indie pop band formed in 2007. The band consists of producing team Bloodshy & Avant (Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg) and Andrew Wyatt. Currently, the band has two albums out. Animal is off of their debut album, Miike Snow.

Animal is the kind of song that gets you pumped in the morning with a beat that sticks with you (literally) throughout the day. What I love about this song is that it instantly puts me in a good mood because the lyrics have that hidden meaning which changes depending on the person. This song has been my alarm clock for the past week because I actually jump up and listen to it and dance. Yes, I know I’m a very cool person.

My Favourite Part is:

There was a time when my world
Was filled with darkness
Then I stopped dreaming now
I’m supposed to fill it up with something

In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody
I knew before, long ago
But I’m still trying to make my mind up
Am I free or am I tied up?

You can listen to Animal here.

Lyrics are here.

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