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Dear friends,
I’ve started on Throwback Thursdays recently, which means I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on books I read when I was younger. Which brought be back to these books, the ones that basically shaped my childhood. And I just have to say, I feel really really bad for the 2000’s kids, who have so-so TV shows (Okay, what’s a legit Disney Channel without That’s So Raven or Lizzie McGuire?) and run-of-the-mill cartoons in their books. Fine. I’m sure there are some great books out there, but if you ask me, I could easily say that one thing I miss about the 90’s are those real-life drawings of princesses, or the watercolor ones that don’t look like they’ve come straight from a computer drawing software!
Check this out.
Noddy from the 90’s:Image

Noddy from the 2000’s:

So here they are: 9 books (from the many) that brought…

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