Favourite Book Quotes Of The Week#20


A list of my favourite quotes from books I’ve read in the past week. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite quotes are! I’ll be sure to check your post out too!

The Exemeus by Folami and Abeni Morris

16189172Favourite Quotes:

1. “Life isn’t about how long you live it, but what you do with it. When you have lived for too long and experienced so much, the lines between right and wrong, good and bad, begin to blur. Immortality isn’t a goal, it’s a temptation–a punishment.”

2. “But sometimes you have to sacrifice your life for the safety of others, even if you don’t know who those people are.”

3. “It is always better to die like a hero than live like a coward.”

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

51737Favourite quotes (There are MANY):

1. “An empty frame, in which the picture is always changing, makes a statement about how time is always passing. It doesn’t really stop, even in a single image. It just feels that way.”

2. I’d long ago learned not to be picky in farewells. They weren’t guaranteed or promised. You were lucky, more than blessed, if you got a goodbye at all.

3. I’d been doing so well, as far as everyone was concerned, for so long, that it seemed like it would be a failure of some sort to admit otherwise. As with so much else, I’d missed my chance.

4. I am not a spontaneous person. But when you’re alone in the world, really alone, you have no choice but to be open to suggestions.

5. “God,” she said, sighing as she pushed her hair out of her face, “doesn’t it seem, sometimes, that the whole damn world’s uphill?”

6. But that was the problem with having the answers. It was only after you gave them that you realized they sometimes weren’t what people wanted to hear.

7. “But if everything was always smooth and perfect,” she continued, “you’d get too used to that, you know? You have to have a little bit of disorganization now and then. Otherwise, you’ll never really enjoy it when things go right.”

8. That was the thing. You never got used to it, the idea of someone being gone. Just when you think it’s reconciled, accepted, someone points it out to you and it just hits you all over again, that shocking.

9. But it was okay not to fit everywhere, as long as you did somewhere.

10. It was weird, I thought, how much you could have in common with someone and, from a distance, never even know it.

11. Grief can be a burden, but also an anchor. You get used to the weight, to how it holds you to a place.

12. “Just because someone’s pretty doesn’t mean she’s decent. Or vice versa. I’m not into appearances. I like flaws, I think they make things interesting.”

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