Weekly Update#2

What have I been up to? What have you missed on my blog? This is a weekly update of the new posts and books/album I’ve read/listened to. Click on the pictures to see my reviews.

Book reviews on my blog 

13515025  530848


Confessions of an Angry Girl (Confessions#1) by Louise Rozette

Eighth Grade Bites (Chonicles of Vladimir Tod#1) by Heather Brewer

Album Reviews on my blog



Devil by Lydia



Favourite Book Quotes Of The Week#19

Favourite Album Lyrics Of The Week#3

Books Read This Week (Pictures are linked to Goodreads summaries)

16189172 16290037  51737

Albums Listened To This Week

Lydia-Devil-200x200 ATRFinalimages (1)

Currently Reading (Pictures are linked to Goodreads summaries)


Currently Listening To


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