Book in Progress#1


I close my eyes and inhale deeply. The smell of spices distract my nose and my taste buds are full of sea water. Once I know I’m calm I open my eyes again and point my gun at my target. Counting to three, I take off the safety and close one eye. My heart slows and everything stands still for a moment as my target picks up his newspaper and waves happily at a neighbour.

Before I lose all my nerve I press the trigger listening to the soft sound the bullet makes and the loud, ear-splitting scream that comes from the neighbour as Walter Goodwin’s mouth falls open and his body falls to the ground with a thump. Still. Motionless.

That, right there is part of chapter one of a book I’m writing. The problem with the story? It’s probably the only thing I sort of like out of the 5,000 words I’ve written.

This wasn’t the case back in December. Hell, I could get an idea for a story from a commercial and write a whole freaking story that I loved. But with this, this unknown story that doesn’t even have a name, it’s harder. I’ve always wanted to write a story about an assassin. But every time I try, I get stuck. Maybe I’m losing my love for writing (I’m really hoping this is not the case), maybe I  should just stick to contemporary, or maybe, I’m stuck because I know this story counts.

This is the first story I will send to an agent.

I hate almost everything about it.

Aahhhh, The joys of being a teen writer.

2 thoughts on “Book in Progress#1

  1. The creative process is hard. If your having trouble I would take some time to do more research or find an unexpected angle to give the project more interest for you. Work on your outline or creating detailed chacter profiles. Just because you’ve always wanted to write about assassins doesn’t mean it’s the right story for you to tell now. It’s ok to set it aside until it sings to you and focus on something that inspires you.

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