Favourite Book Quotes Of The Week#26


A list of my favourite quotes from books I’ve read in the past week. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite quotes are! I’ll be sure to check your post out too!

The Immortal Rules (Blood Of Eden#1) by Julie Kagawa





Favourite quotes:

1. “You don’t dwell on what you’ve lost, you just move on.”

2. “Did he teach you how to bore you opponents to sleep? Because I think I missed that lesson.”

3. The closer you got to someone, the more it would destroy you when they were inevitably gone.

4. “And sometimes, hope is the only thing that gets us through the day.”

School Spirits (School Spirits#1) by Rachel Hawkins






Favourite Quotes:

1. I don’t know what heaven smells like, but if it doesn’t smell like freshly baked cookies, I will be really disappointed.

2. When you don’t have much family left, you’ll do anything to protect what you have.

Afterlife Academy by Jaimie Admans






Favourite quote: “There are more important things in life than studying.”

Double Crossed by Ally Carter






Favourite quote:

1. “You’re late.” Kat said as soon as Hale put the phone to his ear. She wasn’t the kind of girl to wait for hello.

“What can I say? Macey McHenry has been throwing herself at me…”

“See, that’s the kind of thing that would make me jealous if she weren’t way out of your league.”

“You know, if I had feelings, that might have hurt them.”

2. “Why don’t I know You?”
“Does anyone ever really know someone else?”
“You think your cute,” she told him.
“You think your gorgeous. But I’m the one guy here who knows better.”
“So I’m not gorgeous?” Macey challenged.
“Of course you are,” He started away, turned back at the last minute. “But I’m the guy who figured out that’s not all you are.”

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