Favourite Book Quotes Of The Week#31


A list of my favourite quotes from books I’ve read in the past week. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite quotes are! I’ll be sure to check your post out too!

Taken (Taken#1) by Erin Bowman

11044367Favourite Quote: Second chances are not the same as forgiveness.

Kindness For Weakness by Shawn Goodman

15701870Favourite quotes:

1. In the end, he is like everyone else. He gets scared and makes mistakes. He talks big but fakes it most of the time. And if this is true, which I think it is, how can I not forgive him? I have to, because I would want to be forgiven. I would want him to give me a second chance. Maybe we can both have second chances.

2. “People mistake your kindness for weakness.”

3. Sometimes I think that the world won’t allow people like me, like it’s going to stamp out and crush everyone who is weak and mild.

4. “But the most important part, ” he says, “Is that you have to believe in something that is real and true.”

4. Maybe Wolf Larsen was right, and life is simply a mess. Maybe the strong eat the weak so they can stay strong. Maybe that’s all there is.

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