Album Review: Burnout by Anarbor

images (3)Burnout by Anarbor

Record Label: Hopeless Records

Genre: Pop/Rock

Release Date: June 4, 2013

Songs: 17
Burnout (Deluxe Version) - Anarbor

Anarbor is an American alternative rock band from Phoenix, Arizona that was formed in 2003. They have released four EPs: The Natural Way, Free You mind, The Mixtape, and Let The Games Begin as well as two albums: The Words You Don’t Swallow and Burnout. Current member are: Slade Echeverria (lead vocals, bass guitar) Dave Melillo (lead guitar, backing vocals).


Darker and edgier, Anarbor has brought back music that is known and well-loved, only a step further. Burnout is honestly like a powerful high. It starts off extremely strong with beats and heavy tunes that reel you in right away but the middle is the weak part with a sense of sameness and repetition that falters and a less than stellar ending that leaves you wanting more but then making you think maybe you’ve had enough.

The album starts off very dark and edgy, it’s definitely darker than their old stuff and then shifts over to their pop side that explains their relationship with their record label. For some songs, the strong beginning and then pop chorus works like in Damage I’ve Done and Who Can Save Me Now but for others they fall a bit flat and lose my interest. The back-up vocals in just about every song really ruins it. Especially in Whiskey in Hell which is all around, a bad-ass song but the too high back-up vocals tarnishes it and makes the song a lot less cool. Same thing with the lyrics, unmistakably, the lyrics are fun and dirty but they’re all about the same thing–booze, drugs, and sex. And after a while, those things don’t sound as cool as they once did during the beginning.

What I do like about Burnout is that everything they’ve done has progressed by a lot. It’s evident in their solos in Every High Has A Come Down, 18, and I Hate You So Much just to name a few. The guitar riffs are a lot smoother and better put together as well as for the bass because the bass and guitar are on the same page as the drummer. I was really surprised with the drumming, I wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful and demanding in Every High Has A Come Down, Whiskey in Hell, and I Don’t Love You Anymore it’s wild and I love it. The vocals are stronger and rougher which is shown in many of the songs. I’m really happy with how much these guys have grown!

Overall, Burnout isn’t a bad album. It’s good, it has some killer solos and duets that keep the album fun. There are a few notable songs that everyone will love and enjoy because of the bad-ass attitude they have. But somewhere along the way, the songs start to merge together and lose my attention. However, I like this album and my favourite songs are: Every High Has A Come Down, 18, Whiskey in Hell, and Take My Pain Away. I recommend this to long time Anarbor fans as well as anyone looking for some fun songs about getting high and drunk without minding the hangover that might come with it.

Three Sexy Treble Clefs
Three Sexy Treble Clefs

Songs On The Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Every High Has a Come Down-3:18

2. Damage I’ve Done-3:58

3. 18-2:38

4. Whiskey in Hell-2:55

5.Who Can Save Me Now-3:15

6. I Hate You So Much-3:10

7. Take My Pain Away-3:34

8. It’s A Fact-3:18

9. I Don’t Love You Anymore-3:15

10. Freaks-2:52

11. Rock To My Roll-2:48

12. Before The World Ends-3:32

13. What He Don’t Know-3:21

14.Every High Has a Come Down (Acoustic)-3:14

15. 18 (Acoustic)-2:43

16.  Take My Pain Away (Acoustic)-3:34

17. Whiskey In Hell (Acoustic)-3:05

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