Song of the Week#14-Forever Halloween by The Maine (F Edition+Halloween Edition)



This is a weekly meme that’s for the most part, the same as Song Of The Week except each week there will be for the alphabet/numbers! and it’s going to be updated once a week. This week’s edition is: F! But it’s also the Halloween Edition!

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The Maine  is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona. Formed in 2007. The band was founded by Pat Kirch (drummer) and Garrett Nickelsen (Bassist) when they were still in high school. Even though they’re from Arizona, the name Maine comes from a song by a very respected band called, Ivory. They got their name from their song, The Coast Of Maine (great song as well). Forever Halloween is off of their album, Forever Halloween.

Happy Halloween! Get your costumes out! Try to scare the crap out of little children and most of all! DON’T FORGET THE CANDY! Gosh, how I love candy. Because I do love it. Like, a lot and could probably eat it everyday for the rest of my life if I could. But anyway, this is a song by my favourite band. It’s all about Halloween and going back to a time where you could pretend to be anything you wanted and be a kid.

My favourite part is:

Kids in costumes
Dressed like Kings and Queens
Little monsters
Walking down my street
In this place I’ll
Be anything but me
So you be brave and
I’ll still be eighteen

So just this once
Yeah just for now
yeah you can be anything
Anything in the world
And darling don’t
Don’t you start to scream
It doesn’t mean anything
It’s just make believe

You can listen to Forever Halloween here.

Lyrics here.

Book Review: The Iron Traitor (Call of the Forgotten#2) by Julie Kagawa


The Iron Traitor (Call of the Forgotten#2) by Julie Kagawa

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Genre: Fantasy and Young Adult

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Pages: 342 (Paperback)

good good

In the real world, when you vanish into thin air for a week, people tend to notice.

After his unexpected journey into the lands of the fey, Ethan Chase just wants to get back to normal. Well, as normal as you can be when you see faeries every day of your life. Suddenly the former loner with the bad reputation has someone to try for; his girlfriend, Kenzie. Never mind that he’s forbidden to see her again.

But when your name is Ethan Chase and your sister is one of the most powerful faeries in the Nevernever, normal simply isn’t to be. For Ethan’s nephew, Keirran, is missing, and may be on the verge of doing something unthinkable in the name of saving his own love. Something that will fracture the human and faery worlds forever, and give rise to the dangerous fey known as the Forgotten. As Ethan’s and Keirran’s fates entwine and Keirran slips further into darkness, Ethan’s next choice may decide the fate of them all.

First of all, I would like to thank the publisher, Harlequin Teen for giving me an ARC of this book to review. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it! All right, now for my review.


I’m so confused. I usually love faery novels! They’re exciting and fun even though they’re all pretty much the same. But with this series, I just…can’t. I can’t do it. Everything about it, especially the characters are so stiff and forced. Kagawa’s vampire series is much better than this one.

Don’t you just hate it when starting a second book in a series, it just jumps right into a summary of the last book instead of weaving it in a different, appropriate times? Because The Iron Traitor just jumps right into a huge pile of information. On top of that, it seems that Kagawa isn’t done reminding us that Ethan Chase is not a ‘normal’ teenager who does ‘normal’ things and that his life will forever suck ass. I get it, Ethan. Your life sucks and you’re not normal. Stop reminding me or else I might have to kill you.

Moving on, most of the characters, especially (you guessed it) Ethan still feel boring and uncreative. The whole bad boy who isn’t actually who also hates faeries but will help them act is getting boring now. And Kenzie is just… she’s so annoying and stupid and just…

The things that I actually liked about this book are a quite limited to just about the action scenes. They’re beautifully done with great description and tons of suspense that I actually read the pages rather than skimmed them. Keirran’s devotion and love towards Annwyl is admirable at best but it’s a bit sloppy and unrealistic at some times. Believe it or not, the only character who didn’t annoy me at all isn’t even a Kagawa original but a facsimile of Shakespeare and that’s Puck A.K.A Robin Goodfellow because he’s just so funny. It doesn’t matter the story, he is the centre of attention and entertaining to read about.

Overall, this series is a let-down. I was expecting more, especially from this and although I liked it more than the first because of the nicely done ending, I didn’t like it by much. To readers who want to venture into the world of faery maybe reading this one first would be better than reading it after so many since there are a few twists and surprises. I’m hoping that the last one is better than this one but I highly doubt it will be.

3 Clouds
3 Clouds

For quotes from this book, click here.

Favourite Book Quotes of the Week#43


A list of my favourite quotes from books I’ve read in the past week. Leave a comment/link telling me what your favourite quotes are! I’ll be sure to check your post out too!

My Date From Hell (Blooming Goddess Trilogy#2) by Tellulah Darling

17305421 Favourite quotes:

1. “It’s not that simple. There’s no blueprint for falling in love. Sex, well, it’s a physical process.”

2. “You might break something.”

“It’s fine. It’s my light. What could go wrong?”

Let’s just pause for a moment, to pay tribute to all the extremely dumb people throughout history who ever said that.

The Lost Prince (Call of the Forgotten#1) by Julie Kagawa

12614410 Favourite quotes:

1. Screw that. You want weird? Weird is having a nephew the same age as you. Weird is your sister having a kid, and not telling your family about him. Weird is being an uncle to a freaking half-faery! Forget weird, you are so beyond weird that it’s not funny.

2. “Honestly, why do boys always think they know what’s best for us [girls]? Why can’t they just talk?

Book Review: The Lost Prince (Call of the Forgotten#1) by Julie Kagawa


The Lost Prince (Call of the Forgotten#1) by Julie Kagawa

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Genre: Fantasy and Young Adult

Release Date: October 23, 2012

Pages: 377 (Paperback)

good good

Don’t look at Them. Never let Them know you can see Them.

That is Ethan Chase’s unbreakable rule. Until the fey he avoids at all costs—including his reputation—begin to disappear, and Ethan is attacked. Now he must change the rules to protect his family. To save a girl he never thought he’d dare to fall for.

Ethan thought he had protected himself from his older sister’s world—the land of Faery. His previous time in the Iron Realm left him with nothing but fear and disgust for the world Meghan Chase has made her home, a land of myth and talking cats, of magic and seductive enemies. But when destiny comes for Ethan, there is no escape from a danger long, long forgotten.


I’ve read my share of faery novels and I must say that this one has to be my least favourite. I’ve started Julia Kagawa’s first series, The Iron Fey and it’s an okay novel so far. The Lost Prince just isn’t that special for me and this could be because of my recent reading slump or because Faery stories are always the same. Save some people and get your life completely ruined by faeries who hate you.

Ethan Chase’s life sucks. A lot. It seems that at least ten times each chapter, I’m reminded of the fact that he is not ‘normal’, his family is barely functional, and his. Life. Freaking. Sucks. I get it, stop telling me this. All of the characters are cardboard cut outs that are unbelievably hard for me to relate to. Especially Kenzie who is one of the most annoying characters I have ever read about. She’s so insistent, never taking no for an answer and constantly putting herself in danger for no reason especially when Ethan says to go away. That’s not cute, that’s annoying.

The writing style is very descriptive with the world building executed nicely. I loved the secondary characters that are Puck, the Exile Queen and even the Cat. They’re all really funny and exciting with their interactions with humans. And besides, who doesn’t love Robin Goodfellow/Puck? Kagawa weaves other stories like A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Puck, Oberon, and Titania and their lives that are so fickle yet funny.

The Lost Prince isn’t a novel that I was expecting to be disappointed by. I loved her other series about vampires because it’s interesting and well done. But this one sounds a bit too over done and typical for my taste and I just cannot take or understand why Ethan would ever want to hang out with Kenzie but….Whatever. I recommend this to anyone who really enjoys faery stories and a main character that is a brooding bad boy with a good heart.

2.5 Mess Up Clouds
2.5 Mess Up Clouds


For quotes from this book, click here.

Album Review: Acceptance Speech by Dance Gavin Dance


Acceptance Speech by Dance Gavin Dance

Record Label: Rise Records

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Release Date: October 8, 2013

Songs: 11
good good

Dance Gavin Dance are a post-hardcore band that formed in Sacramento, California in 2005. Since then, they have released two EPS- Whatever I Says is Royal Ocean and Secret Band. As well as five albums-Downtown Battle Mountain, Dance Gavin Dance, Happiness, Downtown Battle Mountain 2, and Acceptance Speech. Current band members are: Jon Mess (unclean vocals), Matt Mingus (drums, percussion), Will Swan (guitar unclean vocals, rapping), Tim Feerick (bass guitar), Josh Benton (guitar), Tilian Pearson (clean vocals).


I am so out of the loop when it comes to this band. The last time I listened to anything new by DGD, it was off of their self-titled album. Of course, everyone knows about Jonny Craig and his issues but I never knew that he rejoined the band. Anyway, they weren’t this heavy and they liked to add a lot of conversations to their songs like in Rock Solid. But out with the old and in with then new, right? Acceptance Speech is definitely an album that  might come as a surprise to some fans, especially older ones who have lost faith because Down Battle Mountain is an awful album but I assure you that this is fairly good.

Tilian Pearson, the newest member of Dance Gavin Dance has really smooth vocals that make me a great choice as a clean vocalist. Add in some rough vocals from Jon Mess and the harmonic balance is slightly off. Pearson’s voice is amazing but sound too clean in The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 4 and Acceptance Speech. Throughout the album there could have been a few nicely executed build-ups in Death of the Robot With Human Hair instead of it going from slow to fast quickly. It also doesn’t help that the song sounds like it could be the theme song for the Power Rangers or Power Puff Girls. Strawberry Swisher Pt. 3 is just awful with lyrics that just bash bands and bad producing skills that make the song sound like a child went crazy in the production room.

Drums keep the band together and sounding like one and in Carve and Doom and Gloom Matt Mingus is so tight and spot on that it’s hard not to notice how smooth it is and makes everything else. The change-up in Honey Revenge is nice with clean vocals taking the lead. Unfortunately, this song is beyond fucked with Pearson sweetly singing about rape: Oh (I’m just tying the knot)/Can’t wait to catch you all alone/Oh (I’m just tying the knot)/Girl, then I swear I’ll take you home/Whether you want it or not/Whether you like it or not. Creepy, right? Dance Gavin Dance ends the album on a more relaxed note with Turn off the Lights, I’m Watching Back to the Future Pt.2 that includes a flowing guitar solo to stay in listeners’ heads.

Acceptance Speech still has that snarky tone that Dance Gavin Dance has always had. They tend to provoke people and push the limits and like to insult their listeners with nice tunes and harsh lyrics. After the wreck that is their last album, this one might just save their damaged relationship with their fans. I would say that the best songs on this album are- Acceptance Speech, Doom and Gloom, and Turn off the Lights, I’m Watching Back to the Future Pt.2. Maybe even Honey Revenge if it weren’t so damn creepy. I recommend this to anyone who has been skeptical of DGD in the past because although this album still has flaws it is a step in the right direction since DBM2.

3 Sexy Treble Clefs
3 Sexy Treble Clefs

Songs on the Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Jesus H. Macy-3:27

2. The Robot with Human Hair Pt. 4-3:35

3. Acceptance Speech-4:27

4. Carve-2:50

5. Doom and Gloom-3:41

6. Strawberry Swisher Pt. 3-3:36

7. Honey Revenge-3:30

8. Demo Team-3:09

9. Death of the Robot with Human Hair-5:09

10. The Jiggler-4:56

11. Turn off the Lights, I’m Watching Back to the Future Pt. 2-6:01

Book Review: The Pledge (The Pledge#1) by Kimberly Derting


The Pledge (The Pledge#1) by Kimberly Derting 

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Genre: Fantasy and Young Adult

Release Date: November 15, 2011

Pages: 323 (Paperback)

good good

In the violent country of Ludania, the language you speak determines your class, and there are harsh punishments if you forget your place—looking a member of a higher class in the eye can result in immediate execution. Seventeen-year-old Charlaina (Charlie for short) can understand all languages, a dangerous ability she’s been hiding her whole life. The only reprieve from oppression is within the drug-filled underground club scene. There, she meets a beautiful and mysterious boy who speaks a language she’s never heard, and her secret is almost exposed. As the violent clashes between the totalitarian monarchy and the rebel forces escalate, it becomes clear that Charlie is the key to something much bigger: her country’s only chance for freedom from the terrible grip of a deadly regime.


The Pledge is NOT action packed with intense scenes, exciting dangers, intimidating evil queens, and a swoony love interest that will leave readers breathless. This is a novel everyone will fall asleep from the start to the very last page. Unfortunately, this is a fact that I have encountered every time I opened this book (15 times). I can’t help it, my attention span just couldn’t handle this book for more than a few chapters at a time.

First of all, the characters extremely predictable and boring. Nothing about them, especially Charlie stood out for me and I was left unimpressed by the end when her strength was tested. In fact, after thinking more about this story, I still don’t understand why everyone is so scared of her, so she can speak every language, so? It’s not a cool power, if anything it’s boring. The love triangle is really annoying as is the insta-love between Charlie and Max. It all feels very contrived and unrealistic that even when he’s protecting her from the queen I had to suppress a yawn because it’s just. So. Boring.

Angelina has to be the only character that is remotely interesting since she doesn’t speak and is constantly glowing with a surge of power. The writing style is also nice because it’s fluent and smooth but I disliked everything else.

Overall, this novel is depressing but it’s not the worse book I’ve ever read. There are many points in the story where it could have improved and could have had me at the edge of my seat especially with the queen or Angelina but Kimberly Derting failed to take the opportunity to do so. I don’t recommend this to anyone because it’s all so boring and flat but I will give the second novel a try.

1.5 Odd Clouds
1.5 Odd Clouds

For quotes from this book, click here.

Album Review: The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles

The_blessed_unrest_coverThe Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles 

Record Label: Epic Records

Genre: Pop

Release Date: July 12, 2013

Songs: 13
good good

Sara Bareilles is an American musician, singer-songwriter and pianist. She has been releasing music since 2002 and has released four albums-Careful Confessions, Little Voice, Kaleidoscope Heart, and The Blessed Unrest.


Sara Bareilles has come a long way from her hit, Love Song.  Since then, I think that everyone has succumbed to her beautiful voice and songs about love–broken and new ones. I, for one, have always turned to her when in the need for something poppy and uplifting. But after listening to this album I’m a little angry with it and definitely disappointed.

I don’t mind when artists like to dabble into different things especially with the world of music constantly changing but I hate it when they go full-out in a direction that just doesn’t complement their sound. Brave and Eden are examples of this with the use of techno beats that for one, distracted me from the song and two, didn’t go well with the song (mostly for Eden). Satellite Calls is a slow song that also includes echoed vocals to make it unbearable. Some of these songs are all over the place with only the piano keeping things barely coherent.

The piano is still heavily woven into each and every song that Bareilles creates. They still have that sweet rhythmic tune that so many love her for. Manhattan is sweet and gentle with lyrics about going back to a place. I love it when songs include different types of instruments especially with Little Black Dress because it has a cool saxophone part that adds to an already fun and poppy song. It can easily be the second part to her other song, King of Anything. 

The Blessed Unrest isn’t all bad by any means. The vocals are a lot stronger this time around and there is a bigger variety of notes that catches listeners attentions. Bareilles still sings about heartbreak and being your own person even if it hurts to be alone, I just found this one lacking and poorly executed where she adds in a new twist to her sound. Still, I recommend this album to people who don’t mind all those techno beats and will forever love Sara Bareilles no matter what. But be sure to check out Manhattan, Little Black Dress, and I Choose You before listening to anything else.

Two Boring Treble Clefs
Two Boring Treble Clefs

Songs on the Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Brave-3:41

2. Chasing the Sun-4:27

3. Hercules-4:24

4. Manhattan-4:38

5. Satellite Calls-4:52

6. Little Black Dress-3:35

7. Cassiopeia-3:34

8. 1000 Times-4:30

9. I Choose You-3:39

10. Eden-4:06

11. Islands-4:21

12. December-5:01

13. I Wanna Be like Me

Book Review: My Date from Hell (Blooming Goddess Trilogy#2) by Tellulah Darling


My Date from Hell (Blooming Goddess Trilogy#2) by Tellulah Darling

Publisher: Tu Da Media

Genre: Fantasy and Young Adult

Release Date: October 31, 2013

Pages: 288 (Paperback)


Sophie Bloom’s junior year has been a bit of a train wreck. After the world’s greatest kiss re-awakened Sophie’s true identity as Persephone (Goddess of Spring and Savior of Humanity), she fought her dragon-lady guidance counselor to the death, navigated mean girl Bethany’s bitchy troublemaking, and dealt with the betrayal of her backstabbing ex, Kai (sexy Prince of Darkness). You’d think a girl could catch a break.

Yeah, right.

With Zeus stepping things up, it’s vital that Sophie retrieve Persephone’s memories and discover the location of the ritual to stop Zeus and Hades. So when Aphrodite strikes a deal that can unlock Sophie’s pre-mortal past, what choice does the teen goddess have but to accept?

The mission: stop media mogul Hermes from turning Bethany into a global mega-celebrity. The catch? Aphrodite partners Sophie and Kai to work together … and treat this suicide mission as a date. Which could work out for Sophie’s plan to force Kai to admit his feelings for her–if she doesn’t kill him first.

Add to that the fact that BFF Theo’s love life and other BFF Hannah’s actual life are in Sophie’s hands, and suddenly being a teenager—even a godlike one—seems a bit like … well, hell. Whatever happened to dinner and a movie?

First of all, I would like to thank the author, Tellulah Darling for giving me an ARC of this book to review. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it! All right, now for my review.


Now that I’m getting into more mythology, I know for a fact that this series, The Blooming Goddess Series is definitely one of my favourite ones! It’s just so fun with just enough seriousness that I get that life isn’t just fun and games. Tellulah Darling really outdoes herself and adds in more fun and a lot more action with Gods and Goddesses that I wasn’t necessarily expecting to make an appearance in this. Although it has it’s faults, this is a really solid story that had me hooked from the beginning all the way to the end! I can;t wait for the final novel now.

Something that I wanted to happen in the novel was for the friendship between Hannah and Sophie to be tested a lot more that it is and for them to face many obstacles, emotionally and not just physically. Their relationship in the first one is believable but in this one, it just seems a bit forced without much of the jealousy and pain that I would think Hannah would encounter upon following her friends on such a crazy ride.

Sophie is better than before! Her dark humour and anger are back with such intensity that I found myself re-reading a passage just to laugh again. And again. And again. I also loved that there aren’t any new love interests in this novel. With most second novels, there’s usually another love interest that’s added to the bunch but I enjoyed that the new characters have no interest in Sophie or Kai but instead in the other secondary characters. Finally, Hannah gets to experience some loving! The relationship between Kai and Sophie is complex and steamy at best. And I. Love. All. Of. It. Seriously, I was either laughing really hard or seriously jealous of Sophie because of the way kai treats her like the Goddess that she is.

My Date from Hell is spicy and sweet with just the right amount of action. I recommend this novel to anyone who has read the first one and recommend this series to anyone looking for something about Greek mythology that’s fun, has loads of action, and all the Gods and Goddesses are in young adult form! (For most, anyway.)

4 Dreamy Clouds
4 Dreamy Clouds


For quotes from this book, click here.

Album Review: Common Courtesy by A Day to Remember

download (2)

Common Courtesy by A Day to Remember

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Pop punk/post hard-core

Release Date: October 8, 2013 (Physical copies come out November 25, 2013)

Songs: 13
good good

A Day to Remember are an American rock band from Ocala, Florida, founded in 2003. currently, they have released five albums-And Their Name Was Treason, For Those Who Have Heart, Homesick, What Separates Me from You, and Common Courtesy. Band members are: Jeremy McKinnon (lead vocals), Neil Westfall (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Joshua Woodard (bass guitar), Alex Shelnutt (drums), Kevin Skaff (lead guitar, backing vocals).


Everyone I’ve spoken to about Common Courtesy has said that this is a very solid album and after finally listening to it, I can see why everyone said that. They have come a far way with constant tours, it’s obvious why they never had time to come out with another album but I liked it for the most part. It definitely is a ‘softer’ album with it being full of more pop than post-hardcore but they still appeal to the same audience and that’s good.

The album starts off with a nicely done tribute to their home town, City of Ocala. Although it may be catchy and sweet giving thanks to their city, it’s still boring. The next FEW SONGS are just as punk and fun but that seems to be all that they are. Right Back at it Again has a killer beat drop that insists on head banging but that is at the very end of it. In fact, Sometimes You’re the Hammer is touching and sweet with words about being humble and having the right to make mistakes but again, these is at the end of the song that it’s hard to believe that the beginning and the end aren’t separate.

A Day to Remember is a band well-known for their mixture of a few pop songs, a few punk/post-hardcore and then rest pop punk. Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail is where it gets into post-hardcore and it’s such an intense song that leaves no room for hesitation, these guys know what they’re doing. Even with the simple lyrics, the singing is strong and hypnotizing that it’s hard not to enjoy their post-hardcore songs. This epic streak is cut short by another pop punk song that leads into a quite ballad titled I’m Already Gone that can easily be the sister or cousin to the insanely famous, If it Means a Lot to You with the lone guitar and the speak of an unknown romance.

Common Courtesy is a solid album like everyone says it is. It may seem that they have grown ‘softer’ since there are more pop punk and plain pop in this album than there is post I still enjoyed it. The middle section of this is definitely their strongest point even though it is fairly short.  I recommend this album mostly to pop lovers though and anyone who likes dabbling in the pop/post-hardcore things like I do. Off of this album, my favourite songs are: Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail, Dead and Buried, I’m Already Gone, and I Remember.

3.5 Treble Clefs
3.5 Treble Clefs

Songs on the Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. City of Ocala-3:31

2. Right Back at it Again-3:11

3. Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail– (Start video at 6:34)

4. Dead and Buried-3:14

5. Best of Me-3:27

6. I’m Already Gone-4:05

7. Violence (Enough is Enough)-4:02

8. Life @ 11-3:23

9. I Surrender-3:35

10. Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way-2:15

11. End of Me-3:58

12. The Document Speaks for Itself-4:45

13. I Remember-9:06

If you’re wondering why A Day to Remember self-released their album after being with their record label for so long, don’t worry! Everything is explained here and makes sense. Hopefully ADTR wins their legal battles because not getting paid for your work majorly sucks.

Book Review: A Trick of the Light by Lois Metzger


A Trick of the Light by Lois Metzger

Publisher: Balzer & Bray

Genre: Contemporary and Young Adult

Release Date: June 18, 2013

Pages: 189 (Hardcover)

good good

Mike Welles had everything under control. But that was before. Now things are rough at home, and they’re getting confusing at school. He’s losing his sense of direction, and he feels like he’s a mess.

Then there’s a voice in his head. A friend, who’s trying to help him get control again. More than that—the voice can guide him to become faster and stronger than he was before, to rid his life of everything that’s holding him back. To figure out who he is again. If only Mike will listen.


I think what made this book so interesting is that it’s told from the perspective of the illness and how it matures and takes more and more of Mike everyday. It’s different and creative, making me feel like I was the illness itself. Unfortunately this novel is barely 200 pages and because of this, it moves far too fast. Eating disorders are things that I know well and I was expecting a heart wrenching, gripping, fast-paced story about the ups and downs of it. Instead I just felt like I got a longer version of an anorexia pamphlet.

The characters feel very flimsy and childish, going from best friends to complete enemies in only a matter of days. It’s not very realistic. I was also hoping for a more sadistic protagonist who, not only told Mike what to do but told him horrible things about everyone around him. The protagonist albeit creepy, isn’t creepy enough for me. I was hoping for a lot more from this book that I just didn’t receive.

Something that I really liked is the writing style because it’s told from the illness and it gets stronger and stronger and kind of knows everything there is to know about Mike Wells. Chapters are extremely short which also helped make it a very short read.

A Trick of the Light is overall, just like a brochure on anorexia and how it progresses. Even though it’s told in a unique light and way, it’s far too short to leave any lasting feelings and to really connect with it. Still, I recommend this to anyone who wants to refresh their mind on this disorder or just enjoy these types of novels in general.

2.5 Mess Up Clouds
2.5 Mess Up Clouds


For quotes from this book, click here.