Favourite Book Quotes of the Week#45


A list of my favourite quotes from books I’ve read in the past week. Leave a comment/link telling me what your favourite quotes are! I’ll be sure to check your post out too!

United we spy by Ally Carter

13580951Favourite quotes:

1. Maybe it’s a spy thing, or maybe it’s a girl thing–but when you spend your whole life trying out a series of aliases, it is a great comfort to find someone who knows and likes the person behind the cover.

2. Here’s the thing about being a spy. Sometimes all you have are your lies. They protect your cover and keep your secrets, and right then I needed to believe that it was true even when all the facts said otherwise.

3. “You know, there was a time when I thought that the Gallagher Academy was made of stone and wood, Grand Halls and high-tech labs. When I thought it was bulletproof, hackproof, and…yes…fireproof. And I stand before you today happy for the reminder that none of those things are true. Yes, I really am. Because I know now that a Gallagher Girl is not someone who draws her power from that building. I know now with scientific certainty that it is the other way around. […] What is a Gallagher Girl?” Liz asked one final time. “She’s a genius, a scientist, a heroine, a spy. And now we are at the end of our time at school, and the one thing I know for certain is this: A Gallagher Girl is whatever she wants to be.”

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

13477676Favourite quotes:

1. “I was hoping that I’m wrong, that life gets better for some people when they get older, and even the most miserable people–such as you and me–might be able to enjoy at least some aspect of adulthood. Like those ads where gay guys talk about being picked on in high school but then they grew up and discovered that adult life is like heaven. They say it gets better. I want to believe that happiness might at least be possible later on in life for people prone to sadness.”

2. “You think someone is really important and different, but then you get to know them and it ruins everything. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

3. “I know how hard being different can be. How powerful a weapon being different can be. How the world needs such weapons. Gandhi was different. All great people are. And unique people such as you and me need to seek out other unique people who understand–so we don’t get too lonely and end up where you did tonight.”

4. “I feel like I’m broken–like I don’t fit together anymore. Like there’s no more room for me in the world or something. Like I’ve overstayed my welcome here on Earth, and everyone’s trying to give me hints about that constantly. Like I should just check out. […] I think that’s why my mom left for New York and why no one wants to talk to me ever. I’m so fucking worthless.”

4 thoughts on “Favourite Book Quotes of the Week#45

  1. Wow, how are you liking Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock? The quotes alone make me want to pick up the book, even though I’ve only heard about it by name on Goodreads.

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