Album Review:Is Survived By by Touché Amoré

Is Survived By by Touché Amoré

Record Label: Deathwish Inc

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Release Date: September 24, 2013

Songs: 12
good good

Touché Amoré are an American post-hardcore band that was formed in 2007. Since then, they have released four albums: Touche Amore, …To the Beat of a Dead Horse, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me, and Is Survived By. Current band members are: Jeremy Bolm (vocals), Clayton Stevens (guitar), Nick Steinhardt (guitar), Tyler Kirby ( Bass), and Elliot Babin (Drums).


Is it just me or does the lead singer sound exactly like the lead singer from La Dispute? Maybe the difference between the two is the fact that this one, Jeremy Bolm screams a lot more. Anyway, onto the music and my review, this is a great album. praise/Love ends where Anyone/Anything begins which leads this album off to a nice and solid start.

Touché Amoré sound a bit panicked throughout the whole album. I just couldn’t help but notice that DNA, Steps and Blue Angel come off as too fast, too rushed to give off the intended tone that they were going for.

Is Survived By is full of smooth guitar riffs and some solid drumming that are prominent in songs To Write Content and Is Survived By that leave an odd sense of perfection. For the most part, vocals sound very strong and full of emotion that holds an intense amount of power with such sad lyrics.

Overall, I really enjoyed this! Their music is fresh and although they’re quickly getting attention that they deserve, they don’t seem to succumb to it as much as I would have expected them to which I must respect them for. My favourite songs on this album are: To Write Content, Social Caterpillar, Non Fiction, and Is Survived By. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys more underground hardcore bands.

4 awesome Treble Clefs
4 awesome Treble Clefs

Songs on the Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Just Exist-2:20

2. To Write Content-2:55

3. Praise/Love-1:04

4. Anyone/Anything-2:41

5. DNA-2:13

6. Harbor-3:05

7. Kerosene-1:45

8. Blue Angels-1:31

9. Social Caterpillar-3:02

10. Non Fiction-3:09

11. Steps-2:41

12. Is Survived By-3:31

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