Album Review: Imaginary Numbers by The Maine

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51a7ymILOhL._SL500_AA280_Imaginary Numbers by The Maine

Record Label: Independent/8123

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date: December 10, 2013

Songs: 5
good good

The Maine  is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona. Formed in 2007. The band was founded by Pat Kirch (drummer) and Garrett Nickelsen (Bassist) when they were still in high school. Even though they’re from Arizona, the name Maine comes from a song by a very respected band called, Ivory. They got their name from their song, The Coast Of Maine (great song as well). The Maine have five EPs: stay Up, Get Down, …And A Happy New Year,  In Darkness And In Light, Good Love and Imaginary Numbers. And 4 albums out: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Black And White,  Pioneer and Forever Halloween. Members of the band are: John O’Callaghan (vocals), Jared Monaco (lead guitarist), Kennedy Brock (back up guitarist), Garrett Nickelsen (bass), and Pat Kirch (drums).


2013 is coming to a close (finally), and The Maine knows just how to end it–with a sad, mopey love song that listeners will love. I know for a fact that I love it, and this band never cease to amaze me with every piece of music that they manage to come out with.

Even after all this time (always! haha! Sorry, I’m reading HP) The Maine are still getting comfortable with their new sound. This shows in, Raining in Paris, where high notes are uncertain things for the vocalist, hence the shakiness of those few notes. Perfectly out of Key is a song that I have a hard time understanding and even liking. It’s weird in the sense of how stable it is. I do like the lyrics, their admirable and unique and the piano part is too sweet that I can’t even but once again, the vocals totally throw me off. John, Bro,

Moving on to the good parts, The Maines’ guitarists probably have some of the best riffs ever. Mostly in Room With No Windows and Visions where there’s a spot light to show off just how awesome they are. Also, Room With No Windows has a xylophone part! Do you understand how awesome that is? Super awesome! Visions has a nice bass as well that’s actually really prominent (finally, Garrett). The EP ends with Lovely Sad, which is a slow, very sweet ballad that has a beautiful piano solo.

Imaginary Numbers is an EP that, for the most part, is really solid. My favourite songs are Room With No Windows and Visions for sure. But I believe that The Maine can only go up from here.

3.5 Treble Clefs
3.5 Treble Clefs

Songs on the Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Raining in Paris-3:47

2. Room With No Window-3:51

3. Perfectly out of Kay-3:51

4. Visions-4:22

5. Lovely Sad-6:25

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