Book Review: Picture Me by Lori Weber

picture mePicture Me by Lori Weber

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

Genre: Contemporary and Young Adult

Release Date: March 1, 2014

Pages: 168 (Hardcover)

good good

When a well-meaning English teacher has overweight student Krista read aloud a poem about body image titled “Barbie Doll” in class, she ignites a simmering bullying event based on Krista’s appearance. Krista’s best friend, and witness to the event, Tessa, is suspended for fighting to defend her friend. The girl who bullies Krista seems unaffected by the incident at school and more concerned with what an older guy thinks of her. But as the three characters’ paths intersect, their inner lives are revealed. Each emerges as a much more complicated individual than their simple bully, target, and witness labels.

First of all, I would like to thank the publisher, James Lorimer & Company for giving me an ARC of this book to review. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it! All right, now for my review.


This isn’t a bad book. In fact, I think I would make my class read this if I were a teacher. The reasons why I’m giving it such a low rating is because of how short it is and the audience. Some of the events that occur in here are more high school than middle school and I found some things a little too hard to believe.

Picture Me is less than 200 pages. It’s hard to create a memorable story with in such a short time and unfortunately, Lori Weber doesn’t succeed. Since the story is so painfully short, the characters are feel rushed and one-sided. Their situations are only touched on and then that’s it, there’s not enough depth for me to feel anything but apathetic towards them.  I also felt that the audience for the book is wrong. Most events that go on in this lean towards high school students and I felt really weird thinking about thirteen year olds doing all of these mindlessly harsh things.

The only thing about this novel is that it’s great for reluctant readers in the sense that this novel could be finished in an hour, two at most.It touches on how bullying affects the victim and how sometimes, bullies are victims themselves. Overall, this book is a disappointment. I was looking for something that read more like a story rather than a pamphlet with realistic characters. I do recommend this to teachers but not to people who are looking for something heart-felt and touching.

1.5 Odd Clouds
1.5 Odd Clouds

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