Song of the Week#60-Apricots Apricate (Alligators Alligate) by Summon the Octopi (The Instrumental Edition)

song of the week

This is a weekly meme that’s for the most part, the same as Song Of The Day except each week there will be a different ‘edition’ and it’s going to be updated once a week. This week’s edition is: The Instrumental! I’ve never been the biggest fan of instrumentals because I always anticipate for when they vocalists starts singing, especially when I’m not really doing anything else at the time but listening to music. But with Summon the Octopi’s slow yet steady beat and heavy bass, it’s hard not to just go with he flow and allow the instruments to just take over. It’s soothing and competitive without words so with them, I’m positive it would blow minds. Literally.


Listen up and submerge into the instrumental post-rock world of the Octopi. A one dude band from Berlin, Germany writing, playing and recording all instruments creating a sonic collage of buzzing abyss, delicate romance and intricate grooves that will keep you on your toes, auditorily dissecting the vast influences that acted as ingredients to this truly unique recipe.

When I got an email about this band and the music video for this song, I knew it was going to be pretty weird but I didn’t think it was going to be that weird. Full of random things like worms (gag), monkeys, jelly fish, New York in all its fineness, as well as other things, these song and video have nothing to really do with each other. But it does grow on you, maybe a little longer than the actual song will but it will (probably).

You can watch the music video here. 

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