Song of the Week (Revamped) #7-I Wanna Boi by PWR BTTM

song of the week revamped

Song of the Week is a weekly meme of some of my current favourite songs or songs that I can’t get out of my head. Leave your favourite songs and I’ll be sure to check them out.

PWR BTTM is an American queer punk duo composed of Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins.

If you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys and Queen you will love these guys and most definitely this song. It’s that same edgy ‘let your heart bleed’ kind of vibe. I Wanna Boi is such a badass song, I play it at work whenever I can.

Favourite part:

I wanna boy to keep the bed warm while I shower
I wanna boy to keep the bed warm while we’re watching tv
I wanna boy to keep the bed warm
When the whole house is freezing
I wanna boy who isn’t anything like me

I wanna boy who doesn’t like to go out shopping
I wanna boy who thinks it sexy when my lipstick bleeds
I wanna boy who can go all night without stopping
I wanna boy who knows exactly what he needs

So if you think
That you’re the boy for me
And I’m the boy for you
Drop me a line at
Tell me about a little bit about yourself
Send a picture or two
And hurry up now because
It’s only getting colder

Listen to the song here. (Sorry could only find the live version!)

Lyrics are here.

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