Album Review:Is Survived By by Touché Amoré

Is Survived By by Touché Amoré

Record Label: Deathwish Inc

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Release Date: September 24, 2013

Songs: 12
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Touché Amoré are an American post-hardcore band that was formed in 2007. Since then, they have released four albums: Touche Amore, …To the Beat of a Dead Horse, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me, and Is Survived By. Current band members are: Jeremy Bolm (vocals), Clayton Stevens (guitar), Nick Steinhardt (guitar), Tyler Kirby ( Bass), and Elliot Babin (Drums).


Is it just me or does the lead singer sound exactly like the lead singer from La Dispute? Maybe the difference between the two is the fact that this one, Jeremy Bolm screams a lot more. Anyway, onto the music and my review, this is a great album. praise/Love ends where Anyone/Anything begins which leads this album off to a nice and solid start.

Touché Amoré sound a bit panicked throughout the whole album. I just couldn’t help but notice that DNA, Steps and Blue Angel come off as too fast, too rushed to give off the intended tone that they were going for.

Is Survived By is full of smooth guitar riffs and some solid drumming that are prominent in songs To Write Content and Is Survived By that leave an odd sense of perfection. For the most part, vocals sound very strong and full of emotion that holds an intense amount of power with such sad lyrics.

Overall, I really enjoyed this! Their music is fresh and although they’re quickly getting attention that they deserve, they don’t seem to succumb to it as much as I would have expected them to which I must respect them for. My favourite songs on this album are: To Write Content, Social Caterpillar, Non Fiction, and Is Survived By. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys more underground hardcore bands.

4 awesome Treble Clefs
4 awesome Treble Clefs

Songs on the Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Just Exist-2:20

2. To Write Content-2:55

3. Praise/Love-1:04

4. Anyone/Anything-2:41

5. DNA-2:13

6. Harbor-3:05

7. Kerosene-1:45

8. Blue Angels-1:31

9. Social Caterpillar-3:02

10. Non Fiction-3:09

11. Steps-2:41

12. Is Survived By-3:31

Album Review: Sunflower by Never Shout Never

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Sunflower by Never Shout Never

Record Label: Loveway Records

Genre: Indie/Pop

Release Date: June 28, 2013

Songs: 12
Sunflower - Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never is an American indie/pop band, formed in Joplin, Missouri in 2007. The group has released Five full-length albums: What Is Love?, Harmony, Time Travel, Indigo, and Sunflower  and four EPs: The Summer EP, Never Shout Never , Me And My Uke, and The Yippee. The band was first a one-man show with only Christofer Drew who started by posting a few songs on Myspace. Now, the band has a bassist who does vocals (Taylor MacFee) and a drummer who also plays guitar and does vocals (Hayden Kaiser).


I really hate to say it, but I think it’s time Never Shout Never called it quits. And I hate, repeat hate when bands break up. No mater how much or how little I enjoy the band, it just sucks that they’re letting their fans down. But this’s just letting the fans down either way.

Almost every about this album gets on my nerves. Especially Aeroplane because it sounds exactly like California only with different lyrics. The vocals throughout the album are drawn out to the point where I can’t bring myself to care what he’s saying or even try to pay attention. I can deal with a few slow songs with a nice beat to accompany it but I can’t deal with slow vocals and then fast guitar and drum parts.

Lady Bug is a really well written song, I love the live version they did on their YouTube channel instead of this one. The version on Sunflower is very loud and not in a comforting way. But, I still like the song itself with the romantically sad lyrics and great guitar riffs. Sunflower is just a really depressing album. Not because of the songs, but because of the band. I don’t recommend this to anyone. If anyone wants to find new music, stick to the old Never Shout Never I think everyone can agree that it’s a lot better.

one ah
1.5 Sad Treble Clefs

Songs On The Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1.New Sound– 3:38

2. Good Times-4:06

3. Wild Child-3:07

4. I Need You-3:08

5. Falling Up-3:10

6. Subliminal Messages-2:44

7. Aeroplane-4:01

8. Sunflower-3:03

9. Malibu-2:24

10. Knock, Knock-3:35

11. Old Timer-3:00

12. Ladybug-2:39

Album Review: Able Bodies by From Indian Lakes


Able Bodies by From Indian Lakes

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Pop/Rock

Release Date: November 13, 2012

Songs: 11
Able Bodies - From Indian Lakes

From Indian Lakes is from Yosemite Valley, California. The band released their debut full-length record, “The Man With Wooden Legs” in the Winter of 2009. The songs that were spawned out of this release reflect the bands’ collective maturity and purpose while being surrounded by music that is otherwise derivative and lacking in any sort of defining positive characteristics. Since their initial debut, the band has been working endlessly, playing countless shows throughout the US as well as dedicating time in the studio in preparation for their upcoming full-length. The next release, entitled Able Bodies, is already garnering wide acclaim with both longtime fans as well as those who have just recently discovered the band.

Able Bodies moves several steps forward in their maturity and depth, while still retaining the aggression, passion and darkness of their debut. Current band members are: Joey Vannuchi’s (vocals, guitar), Enrique Gutierrez (Keys), Justin Stanphill (Guitar), and Guy Samuelson (Drums).

(My Opinion)

Funny, the first time I listened to a song by this band, I thought they sucked. Of course, now, I’ve come to my senses and realized just how amazing they are. This album is pretty much perfect. I mean, really. There are some unpredictable songs on this album like Anything and We Follow. As listeners really get into We Follow, the instruments except for drums and a random guitar string or two stop playing and a small, heartbreaking monologue comes out which is sung by lead singer, Joey Vannuchi. Throughout the album, there are a lot of different song structures that listeners don’t normally hear. Your Son doesn’t necessarily have a chorus, it’s just a story about pain and loss which I think is a hauntingly amazing song. Actually, this is an amazing album and I think everyone should go buy it. Right now.

What makes me fall in love with this album over and over again is the fact that everything about it is so easy to love. From the bass drum that just somehow completes a song to the lyrics that compliment the sound. The lyrics hold a lot of meaning not only to the band, but I also think to the listeners, they’re easy to relate to especially I Don’t Know You and Till I Can Walk by talking about love, happiness, and just how horrible the world can be sometimes. Another thing I love about Able Bodies is that everyone gets noticed, everyone gets a part that shows off their different talents. What I mean by this is that in: Paintings, Till I Can Walk, We Are Sick, and We Follow the drummer really lets it all out and goes, well, sort of wild and I love it. In: Your Son, We Follow, Stay Outside, Breaking My Bones the vocalist gets sudden (sort of) solos and can hit really high notes that show his strength and experience with his voice. In most songs, the bass gets a cool, unique duet with mostly the drums which is a plus because rarely is the bass even heard. And of course, I adore the guitar parts and solos that are in almost every song.

Able Bodies  is something unexpected. It’s raw and talented and just…beautiful. I recommend this album to everyone, especially to indie rock lovers because this is a beautiful album about life and how fucked everything is. Off of Able Bodies, my favourite songs are: We Follow, I Don’t Know You, Till I Can Walk, and Paintings. but I love every song so just listen to them all. Or buy the album and see them live!

Five Beautiful Treble Clefs
Five Beautiful Treble Clefs


Songs On The Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Anything-4:04

2. We Are Sick-3:14

3. Paintings-3:18

4. Breaking My Bones-3:48

5. I Don’t Know You-3:32

6. Stay Outside-4:34

7. Below-4:37

8. My Mouth, My Lips-4:30

9. Your Son-3:24

10. We Follow-3:49

11. ‘Till I Can Walk-4:54

Song Of The Day#17-Plague By Seahaven

To be honest, I just like the beginning of this song. Don’t get me wrong, the whole song is really good but the beginning is the best part of this song for me. I love having friends who know what great music is.

Seahaven began in 2009 as four friends in Southern California who shared a passion for the post-punk and indie sensibilities. The band is from Torrance, California and is made up of James Phillips, Kyle Chadwick, Eric Findlay, and Michael Craver. Plague is off of their first EP, Ghost.

Plague by Seahaven is a song about being a prisoner inside yourself and needing help to set yourself free. It’s about having to decide who you are while there’s a war going on inside you that is brilliantly showing death and pain.

My favourite part is:

Satan sleeps inside my brain
And when he wakes he takes me far away.
He takes me to this place,
That I completely hate,
Where I’m a prisoner in my own body.

You can listen to Plague by Seahevn Here.

Lyrics are Here.

Rumble Fish By S.E. Hinton

4.5/5 This story truly gave me an insight look into the lives of teens just like me, but who have been left off worse than I am. 

14 year-old Rusty James wants to grow to be just like his older brother, the motorcycle Boy. With them looking a lot alike (even though nobody else thinks that) Rusty James has already started smoking, drinking, gang fighting, and playing pool for money just like his older brother. He wishes he could tune out of the world like how the Motorcycle Boy can. 5 or 6 years after leaving his old life behind, he runs into Steve, his old best friend at the beach. When he gets invited to dinner, Rusty James has to really ask himself if he’s finally ready for the bad memories to resurface again. 
What I don’t like about this book, even though I understand why S. E. Hinton did it, is the grammar. The grammar pissed me off for most of the beginning and some of the middle until I finally just let it go. It was then that I started loving the book a lot. I also didn’t like how the most important thing in the book went down. I was confused while I read that part and I didn’t know who was who. I wish S.E Hinton wrote that part more clearly for me.
What I love about this book is how much description she put into the book about the characters, the life, and Rusty James feelings. The characters were so easy for me to love and relate to with them learning about themselves and figuring out what they really want in life. Amazing book and I recommend it to everyone who is willing to read a great book with bad grammar/spelling.