Song Of The Day#60-Next Year By Speak Low If You Speak Love


I’m not exactly sure how to put this song into words because I’m still kind of in shock. How on Earth did I not know about this band before? They are way too good to miss out on! Go Listen to them right now!

Speak Low If You Speak Love is an acoustic indie/pop band from WESTLAND, Michigan. Next Year is off of their most recent EP that is also a split EP with their friends, Northbound.

My Favourite part is:

And honestly, I think I like being sad,
It’s a narrative of everything I never had.
That’s why I smile when I put on my cap,
Just knowing what’s underneath my hat.

So when I finally cut it off it’ll be for me,
And maybe next year I’ll be happy.

you can listen and get a free download of the whole EP (with Northbound’s half) Here.

Song Of The Day#58-Hello My Old Heart By The Oh Hello’s


To be honest, I haven’t listened to this song in about a week. But I thought that it was a good song that people will enjoy.

“The Oh Hellos are Maggie and Tyler Heath, intentionally-independent self-produced music-making siblings hailing from the great state of Texas.”-Taken from the band’s bandpage.

Hello My Old Heart is very much a folk kind of song about seeing your ‘old heart’ again which is pretty much your old love. 

My favourite part is:

nothing lasts forever
some things aren’t meant to be
but you’ll never find the answer
until you set your old heart free

you can listen and get a free and legal download here.

Song Of The Day#56-Beautiful Soul by Noelle Johnson


What a fun song that makes me think about blue skies, sunny days, and happiness. So all around just a very happy day. Even without the lyrics, the song is just too hard to resist with its fast pace notes and sweet melodies.

Noelle Johnson is a folk/indie singer/ songwriter. Beautiful Soul is her first EP that is realised.

My favourite part is:

why are you spending all your time on it
Worrying about things, things that they say to you
You are not too big, and you’re not the ugly little thing
That you think you see across from you in the mirror
Love yourself and it will be one small step, but one giant leap
For woman kind

you can listen to Beautiful Soul and get a free download here.

Song Of The Day#52-Secrets (Hush) By He Is We


I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY. YOU DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW. Rachel Taylor has rejoined He Is We! YAY! I am so happy for her! Even though I feel kind of bad for Stevie, I feel that the band wouldn’t be as good without Rachel. Thank god she’s back on board! As for Trevor, No one is completely sure if he will be on board with He Is We because he has another project going on. I hope he stays and does this new album!

He Is We is an indie pop band from Tacoma, Washington. This duo started playing music in 2008. As of september 2012, lead vocalist, Rachel Taylor was forced to resign because she was diagnosed with ankylosis spondylitis. This disease is when your joints and bones in your spine join together (extremely painful). Stevie Scott was the lead singer of He Is We until Rachel rejoined the band. Currently, they have one album and one EP and are working on their second album. Secrets (Hush) is off of their up coming album.

Since this is only a teaser, I can’t really post the lyrics or my favourite part. But I am very pumped for this new album! You should be too!

You can get a free download here.

Song Of The Day#50-Grey Eyes By Raveena Aurora


Raveena Aurora is a folky-pop singer/songwriter with a sweet voice, dark undertones and playful lyrics.She’s an eighteen year old who knows what she wants in the world. Grey Eyes is her first single on Itunes.

My favourite part is:

You are a sea
Of grey and green

We lie and leap
In and between

Those grey eyes
Grey eyes
Grey eyes

Give me the key
To the underneath

you can listen to Grey Eyes and get a free download of the song here.

Song Of The Day#36-Cut Me Out By Crowds

This band has a cool sound to them. They remind me of bands from like the 80’s or 90’s. Maybe that’s the reason I’ve been listening to this song everyday for the past week.

Crowds is a rock band from Leeds, UK. They are a three-man band formed in 2012. Currently, they have one EP out.

Cut Me Out is a song about wondering where someone was when you needed them and how it’s too late. They can’t help you now.

My favourite part is:

Where were you when they cut me out?

Where were you when they cut me down?

Where were you when they cut me out?

And I carry on running till they got to me, now you’re never gonna take that away from me.


You can get a FREE and LEGAL download (with lyrics) of this song here.


Song Of The Day#34-Gril I Used To Know By Love and Satellites

Wow, great band. I like how the lead vocalist sings the chorus because he stretches out the word, way. This poppy tune is adorable and I find myself constantly abusing the repeat button because of this song.

Love & Satellites is an indie-pop band from Australia. They formed in 2011 and are a five-guy band. Currently, they have out only one single.

Girl I Used To Know is a song about the girl who changed your life forever and how love hurts but its okay. So beautiful.

My favourite part is:

Is it the way she moves, the way she smiles,
The way nothing compares,
You’ve got me running round in circles,
Maybe I don’t even care,
Cause I will spend a lifetime,
waiting for the girl I used to know,
So I took my time and thought about it,
I don’t want you to go, right now.

You can listen to Girl I used To Know here.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download with lyrics below here.

Song Of The Day#32-Big Plans By Natives

What I love about this band is that they have such a cool sound. I also like how the lead singer sounds like he has a mouth full of water in his mouth (which never fails to make me laugh). A great song about moving on with your life and having ‘big plans’ for the future.

Natives is a rock/pop band from The New Forest, Hampshire, UK. They formed in early 2012 and are a five-man band. This Island is their first EP which came out late July of this year.

Big Plans is a song about having big plans for yourself and freeing yourself from someone who won’t be happy for you at all.

My favourite part is:

There’s only so many empty promises I can take
‘Cause I’ve been fed all these lies
I’m questioning why I e even gave you the time of day
I’ve got big plans and I’m planning success
Can I trust you with all of that?
I’ve got big dreams, I’ve been dreaming of something
I know that I’m capable

You can listen to Big Plans by Natives here.

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download of Big Plans here.

Lyrics are here.

Song Of The Day#30-Running To The Moon By We Are One

Now a days, I’ve been piling free downloads that bands have been giving out without actually listening to the band onto my Ipod. I usually just hope for the best and that I will hopefully like at least one of their songs. Sadly, sometimes I don’t. We Are One is weird because there are just so many instruments in the band and the songs are sometimes too fast to actually keep up with. But, I like We Are One, let’s just leave it at that.

We Are One is a female fronted band from Miami, Florida. They formed in July of 2010. Their eclectic sound is best described as Indie Pop Rock with a jazz influence. They are a seven person band with two members playing sax and keyboards.

Running To The Moon is a song about running away from a life you don’t want anymore. Running away as far as you can to put as much space between you and that person. I love that its insanely fast with the sax just rocking out while still fitting in perfectly with this song. I think the jazzy part of this song was what made me not skip this song. It makes this band different from most.

My favourite part is:

Why don’t you just shut up and reject me?
I’m not as fragile as you think
But still your game is never ending
That’s why I’m running

You can listen to Running To The Moon  here. (as well as a free download)

Lyrics are here.

Song Of The Day#28-Make A Beast Of Myself By Twin Atlantic

I first listened to Twin Atlantic while playing their song Human After All on Tap Tap revenge 3. I liked that song so much that I bought it the next day on Itunes. When I went to see You Me At Six and The Swellers live, We Are The Ocean and Twin Atlantic were opening for them. Sam was just funny and got the crowd really hyped. I instantly fell in love with Make A Beast Of Myself and Free. This version of Make A Beast Of Myself is a live one.

Twin Atlantic is a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They are a four-man band that have been playing music since 2007. They have two albums-Vivarium and Free and three EPs- Where IS Light? Where Is Laughter?, Human After All, and Time For You To Stand Up. Make A Beast Of Myself is off of their second album, Free.

Make A Beast Of Myself is a song about being embarrassed in front of a crowed and trying to laugh it off but failing miserably.

My favourite part is:

I wanted to laugh it off
And I want to forget that I got caught
And I wanted to laugh it off
Make a beast of myself just to kill them all

You can listen to Make A Beast Of Myself here.


You can get a FREE and  LEGAL download Here.

Lyrics are here.