Album Review: Rose by The Front Bottoms

download (8)Rose by The Front Bottoms

Record Label: Bar None records

Genre: Pop punk

Release Date: June 17, 2014

Songs: 6
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 The Front Bottoms are an American acoustic-indie-punk band originating from New Jersey that formed in 2006. The duo have since released two albums: The Front Bottoms and Talon of the Hawk. As well as one EP: Rose. Band members are: Brian Sella (Vocals, Guitar) and Mathew Uychich (Drums, Bullhorn, Megaphone).


The Front Bottoms truly grow on you. I remember listening to them for the first time at a friend’s house and I hated them. Their music was too strange for me, especially the singing which killed it all. Luckily, I couldn’t get one of their songs out of my head and I decided to search them up. This band might take time to love but no matter how long, love always goes their way. Rose seems to be a tribute to the old times, and to the fans. It’s obviously something that they’re proud of and happy to release and although I wouldn’t recommend starting with this EP, it’s still fairly great.

The beginning of Lipstick Covered Magnet is not properly done. Sella’s voice isn’t the greatest but the singing is worse than usual. He holds the notes longer to give them a sing-song texture and it doesn’t work in his favour.I hate to say it but it’s annoying. Same with  Awkward Conversations is only a repetition of the same group of words with nothing new to bring after the first minute.

Moving onto the good stuff, the first track starts off very strong. It has a steady beat and strange with great lyrics and a chorus of voices singing along.  I love the trumpet piece displayed in Twelve Feet Deep. I also love how this song is so easy to picture, the room-mate sleeping, the skipping of class (who hasn’t done that?), and most importantly, the stupid shit that make up the good times. Moreover, Jim Bogart has a sweet duet and a soft guitar piece that doesn’t distract from the vocals. There’s a great build up which leads to a few seconds of hardcore drumming.

Overall, This album is a tribute and I do like it. But then again, I think I’d like anything they release because of their relatable lyrics, smooth beats and even smoother tempos, but most importantly the vocals. It took me a very long time to get over the out of key singing but I get it now and I think that everyone will get it sooner or later. Favourite songs are Flying Model Rockets, Twelve Feet Deep and, Jim Bogart.

4 Awesome Treble Clefs
4 Awesome Treble Clefs

Songs On The Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Flying Model Rockets-3:14

2. Lipstick Covered Magnet-2:34

3. Twelve Feet Deep-3:45

4. Jim Bogart-3:18

5. Be Nice to Me-2:47

6. Awkward Conversations-2:46

Album Review: Talon of the Hawk by The Front Bottoms

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Talon of the Hawk by The Front Bottoms

Record Label: Bar None records

Genre: Indie/Pop Punk

Release Date: May 21, 2013

Songs: 12
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The Front Bottoms are an American acoustic-indie-punk band originating from New Jersey that formed in 2006. The duo have since released two albums: The Front Bottoms and Talon of the Hawk. Band members are: Brian Sella (Vocals, Guitar) and Mathew Uychich (Drums, Bullhorn, Megaphone).


With my musical taste expanding, I feel odd reviewing this album since it’s so…weird. And by weird I don’t mean the lyrics like in Mad World or the band’s sound like Panic! At The Disco but I mean weird because they’ve been touring and making music for years and have a record deal yet they sound so…new. And young and I can easily see why many of my friends like them because they give off a teenage feel with their sound and more importantly, their lyrics. ultimately I’m not yet sure whether I like The Front Bottoms or not just yet since there are a few things about them I just can’t overlook.

With many bands, the vocals have to be proper and reel listeners in but above all, they have to be in tune. The front Bottom’s vocalist isn’t, throughout the whole album, in tune. It took everything in me not to start banging my head against my computer to help with how uncomfortable the singing made me. This type of singing only works during concerts and not recordings because with concerts, as long as you’re saying the lyrics no one cares but it matters when the song is being recorded. Moreover, I found that on top of bad vocals, some of the tempos in songs, especially in The Feud, are too fast for the vocals so everything just crashes and burns a merciless death. I also hate the build-ups in songs like Swear to God, the Devil Made Me Do it where there’s such a great build-up that just disappears into thin air without any sort of release. WHY MUST YOU DO THAT, FRONT BOTTOMS? WHY?! Ugh, that shit ain’t cool.

Moving on, I did like a few things about these songs with one of them being the nicely executed guitar riffs and solos that are presented in Swear to God, the Devil Made Me do it, Twin Sized Mattress, and Tattooed Tears. What makes me believe that this album is directed mostly if not completely towards my age group are the lyrics about having to grow up too fast and needing a friend as well as helping a friend out with lyrics like, “You stopped by my house the night you escaped/With tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay/You said, “Hey man, I love you but no fucking way”/I’m sure that we could find something for you to do on stage./Maybe shake a tambourine or when I sing, you sing harmonies.” (Taken from, Twin Size Mattress) Remember that friend that helped you out a shit ton? Because I sure as fuck do.

Overall, Talon of the Hawk by The Front Bottoms isn’t a bad piece of work. If anything, I think that a lot of teenagers and twenty-one year olds will love this and remember all those times that shit has happened but someone was there for them. I recommend this to anyone who likes this genre or are looking for some really great lyrics. My favourite songs are: Twin Size Mattress, Peach, Au Revoir (Adios), and Funny You Should Ask. 

3 Sexy Treble Clefs
3 Sexy Treble Clefs

Songs On The Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Au Revoir (Adios)-1:51

2. Skeleton-3:41

3. Swear to God, the Devil Made Me Do it-3:36

4. Twin Size Mattress-4:26

5. Peach-3:11

6. Santa Monica-4:11

7. The Feud-3:16

8. Funny You Should Ask-3:36

9. Tattooed Tears-3:56

10. Lone Star-3:53

11. Blackflip-3:51

12. Everything I Own-3:46

Brothers by The Black Keys

The_Black_Keys_-_BrothersBrothers By The Black Keys

Record Label: Nonesuch Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date: May 18, 2010

Songs: 15
Brothers (Deluxe Version) - The Black Keys

The Black Keys is an American rock band formed in Akron, Ohio in 2001. The group consists of Dan Auerbach (guitar, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums). The group began as an independent act founded after the duo dropped out of college, and they eventually emerged among a second wave of popular garage rock revival artists from the 2000s. Currently, The Black Keys have released seven albums- The Big Come Up, Theakfreakness, Rubber Factory, Magic Potion, Attack & Release, Brothers, and El Camino.

(My Opinion)

I don’t care if you’re a hardcore hip hop/whatever you are into lover. The Black Keys is a band for everyone. With beats that just make you want to dance and act like a bad ass how can you not enjoy their music?

I can truly say that there is nothing that I dislike about this album.

Every song starts off with an awesome instrumental intro followed by the band’s easy-going tunes and vocals. Speaking of vocals,  Dan Auerbach’s singing is very smooth and welcoming by not only low and deep notes but also singing very high notes.His voice sounds like a lullaby that draws you in on a cold night. I really like that all of the songs tell an actual story about past romances and futures one, like, Too Afraid To Love You and Next Girl,  family, for example, Unknown Brother and life, Sinister Kid and These Days. These songs, like every other song on this album has catchy, memorable lyrics that even if you’ve heard them once, you would know which song from which. Even though all the songs on brothers has the same song structure, the different instruments used like the harmonica, tambourine, and big drums help to distinguish each song.

I recommend this album to everyone. it appeals to everyone, especially to rock, pop, indie, and blues fans. Even if you don’t enjoy this kind of music, I strongly recommend that you give it a try. From the album, Brothers, my favourite songs are- Tighten Up, Sinister Kid, She’s Long Gone, and Howlin’ For You. 

fivetreb 5 Sexy Treble Clefs

Songs On The Album

1. Everlasting Light-3:27

2. Next Girl-3:19

3. Tighten Up-4:00

4. Howlin’ For You-3:13

5. She’s Long Gone-3:11

6. Black Mud-2:10

7. The Only One-5:01

8. Too Afraid To Love You-3:25

9. Ten Cent Pistol-4:30

10. Sinister Kid-3:45

11. The Go Getter-3:38

12. I’m Not The One-3:50

13. Unknown Brother-4:00

14. Never Gonna Give You Up-3:39

15. These Days-5:12

Song Of The Day#52-Secrets (Hush) By He Is We


I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY. YOU DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW. Rachel Taylor has rejoined He Is We! YAY! I am so happy for her! Even though I feel kind of bad for Stevie, I feel that the band wouldn’t be as good without Rachel. Thank god she’s back on board! As for Trevor, No one is completely sure if he will be on board with He Is We because he has another project going on. I hope he stays and does this new album!

He Is We is an indie pop band from Tacoma, Washington. This duo started playing music in 2008. As of september 2012, lead vocalist, Rachel Taylor was forced to resign because she was diagnosed with ankylosis spondylitis. This disease is when your joints and bones in your spine join together (extremely painful). Stevie Scott was the lead singer of He Is We until Rachel rejoined the band. Currently, they have one album and one EP and are working on their second album. Secrets (Hush) is off of their up coming album.

Since this is only a teaser, I can’t really post the lyrics or my favourite part. But I am very pumped for this new album! You should be too!

You can get a free download here.

Song Of The Day#45-Cherry Tree By Big Jet Plane

This song is just too epic. Gives me the chills every time I listen to it with the beautiful lyrics and slow melody. Cherry Tree sounds like it’s playing in one of those romantic scenes in a movie. Like in “A Cinderella story” or “The Princess Diaries” when the two characters finally kiss.

Big Jet Plane is an indie/pop duo from Bergen County, NJ. Their first EP will be out some time this fall.

Cherry Tree is that romantic song that you hear playing in the background of romantic comedies. It’s a song about going after the one you love and hoping that they’ll meet you at the place that meant the world to the both of you. In this song, that place is a cherry tree.

My favourite part is:

I’m underneath the Cherry Tree
You’re walking down the city streets
But darling when I’m thinking of you are you thinking of me
And all that we used to be?

You can listen to Cherry Tree here.

Song Of The Day#31-Happily Ever After By He Is We

I know this song is pretty cheesy but its good and its better than some Taylor Swift songs.

He Is We is an indie pop band from Tacoma, Washington. This duo started playing music in 2008. As of september 2012, lead vocalist, Rachel Taylor was forced to resign because she was diagnosed with ankylosis spondylitis. This disease is when your joints and bones in your spine join together (extremely painful). Stevie Scott is now the lead singer of He Is We. currently, they have one album and one EP. Happily Ever AFter is off of their album, My Forever.

Happily Ever After is a song about finally finding love after a lifetime of waiting for it. About hoping that your prince loves your flaws instead of hates them. This catchy tune is so cute. Even its a bit cheesy, it’s still good.

My favourite part is:

We all have a story to tell.
Whether we whisper or yell.
We all have a story, of adolescence and all it’s glory.
We all have a story to tell.
Oh, happily ever after, wouldn’t you know, wouldn’t you know.
Oh, skip to the ending, who’d like to know, I’d like to know.
Author of the moment, can you tell me, do I end up, do I end up happy?

You can listen to Happily Ever After by He Is We here.

Lyrics are here.

Song Of The Day#10-Summer In The City By Freedom Fry

I feel really bad that this has taken me such a long time to post! But I’ve been so busy getting ready for school and trying to fit in being a regular teenagers (hanging out with friends, eating everything, going to parties, etc.) But I’m glad to say that I have a bunch of songs that have been stuck in my head for a while.

I actually listened to this song earlier this week when my friend forced me to listen to it. He always knows a good song that I will love any time of the day, it was only fate that I was at his house when I listened to it.

Freedom Fry is made up of two people-Parisian Marie Seyrat and New Yorker Bruce Driscoll. They have an album called, Earthquake that came out earlier this year and was a hit. 

Summer In The City is a song about having fun and that summer only comes around once a year so you might as well do whatever the hell you want to do. Screw what everybody says. You deserve to have fun and have  a great, bright summer instead of a dull, grey one. It reminds of how much fun it is not ‘living up to any expectations’. 

My favourite part is:

I won’t live up to any expectations 
What you see is what you get 
And worse yet I can’t give an explanation 
For why it’s gray on your side 
But from me the sun can’t hide

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.

Lyrics are Here.

Song Of The Day#8-Barely Love You Too By Frank+Derol

There is a place I love to go to where all the music is fresh and amazing. Its far away from everything related to the stupid shit that they play on the radio every second of every day. Am I the only one who’s getting tired of that? I really hope not.

Believe it or not, one of the lead singers in this duo is none-other than Miley Cyrus’ sister, Brandi. This Los Angeles duo came out with this song recently.

Barely Love You Too By Frank+Derol  is a very catchy song that is easy to sing along to. The lyrics are about loving someone that doesn’t really deserve it or want your love. Also about feeling like you’re going insane because of that person because they suck. Its a great song to sing if you’re going through a heartbreak or something else that really made you barely love that person. I immediately fell in love with this song and its fast pace and easy lyrics to sing along to.

My favourite part is:

Take a chance, if you dare
Make it easier for to me to meet you there
And even if this road ends up at nowhere
Make it count for now, make it count for now
Stop these games, you got me feeling like I’m so insane

You can get a FREE and LEGAL download Here.

Lyrics are Here.