Album Review: J.A.C.K. by Forever the Sickest Kids


 J.A.C.K. by Forever the Sickest Kids

Record Label: Fearless Records

Genre: Pop/Punk

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Songs: 11

Forever the Sickest Kids are an American pop punk band from Burleson, Texas. currently they have three albums: Underdog Alma Mater, Forever the Sickest Kids, and J.A.C.K. Band members are: Jonathan Cook  (vocals), Austin Bello (bass guitar, vocals), Caleb Turman (rhythm guitar, vocals), Kyle Burns (drums, percussion).



Forever The Sickest Kids are still sticking to their classic upbeat tunes and lyrics. This is a pretty fun album that I think a lot of people will enjoy. But only to a point. Songs have nice solos, great guitar riffs and mediocre lyrics that don’t really have a message except, “I met this girl and now I’m in love but we’re so wrong for each other.” Or “That bitch is cray/cheating on me.” So pretty much, nothing special. Still, a good album in the sense of something light and upbeat that shouldn’t have too much thought put into it.

There’s a lot of repetition going on throughout J.A.C.K. that after a while, the songs start to sound a bit the same, what I used to find exciting, the fun lyrics about crazy girls and love at first sight like in Playing With Fire, Nikki, and Count On Me now sound really boring after a few listens. La La Lainey is an odd song in the sense that it reminds me of other songs about the same thing, like Sk8ter Boi with ‘la la la’ sung in a techno tune. Which I dislike. A lot. Cross My Heart sounds too much like a facsimile of All Sings Point To Lauderdale by A Day To Remember to actually really enjoy it also.

Ritalin is probably my favourite song off of this record because of the message and it sounds a bit different from the others. There’s a sweet piano part at the end that I think ends the song really well and still keep it fun and upbeat. Throughout the album the songs are fun to sing along to, I must admit that Nice To Meet You, Nikki, and Chin Up Kid have great guitar riffs. My Friends Save Me is also a beautiful song that’s about friendship and happen times that everyone can relate to. It’s not very original, but it’s still fantastically sweet.

J.A.C.K isn’t a bad album. It’s not a bad spin on all those cheesy romances played in movies. I don’t blame Forever the Sickest Kids for putting in their two cents in for an overused and mainstream topic in music, all bands do it once in their lifetimes. It’s only that songs are just too similar and too light to actually think too much about what the song is actually saying. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty good summer album, music that a lot of people will like and want to sing along to. Favourite songs are: My Friends Save Me, Ritalin, and Nice To Meet You. 

3 Sexy Treble Clefs
3 Sexy Treble Clefs

Songs On The Album (Click on the title to listen to the song!)

1. Chin Up Kid-3:34

2. Keep Calm and Don’t Let Me Go-3:37

3. Nice To Meet You-3:34

4. Nikki-3:54

5. Ritalin-4:55

6. Kick It!-3:51

7. Playing With Fire-3:50

8. Count On Me (For Nothing)-4:12

9. La La Lainey-2:48

10. My Friends Save Me-3:51

11. Cross My Heart-3:19

Gone By Michael Grant

2/5 It took me about 5 months just to finish this book. I could not read this book without developing a huge headache.

Everyone under the age of 15 in the town of Puerto beach lives in something they call the FAYZ. Everyone over the age of 14 is gone. Disappeared. Poof. At first, everyone loves it an don’t worry about homework or school or anything they don’t want to do. Until kids start developing powers and kids get scared and start to group together. It doesn’t help that when they turn 15 that they disappear too.

There is so much that I don’t like that I don’t know which ones I should mention. Okay, I actually do, I hated how Michael Grant told me the whole plot pretty much on the first page. Also, I didn’t like how violent the guys were to the girls, how it seemed like they were powerless towards Sam and Caine. And I hated that the whole thing is in third person. I’m not sure why, but it bothered me a lot.

I liked the fight a lot. The fight between the two groups is amazing, it’s realistic and made me actually pay attention (or maybe that was because I was almost finished the book?). There were only a handful of people that I actually thought were very interesting and one of them is little Pete. Oh and his sister Astrid. As for now, I am slowly finishing my way through the second book in this series, Hunger.